Church Planting

We’re Headed to Dallas

We are thrilled to announce the 2018 B21 Panel at the Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas, TX! This year marks the tenth anniversary of hosting the B21 Panel during the annual meeting and we couldn’t be more excited to be celebrating in Dallas! Each year we gather around open dialogue with key leaders and ask the […]

Why I Am Hopeful, Confident, and Excited for the Future of the IMB

Perhaps I am just a naive and idealistic millennial, but I remain hopeful and excited for the future of the IMB. Without a doubt, yesterday was a heavy day for Southern Baptists and for the International Mission Board (IMB). IMB President, Dr. David Platt announced that he has asked IMB Trustees to begin a search […]

6 Steps Every Christian Can Take To Improve Their Devotional Life

The biggest steps are often the smallest steps. Most of the people I know think bible reading and prayer are small steps. They’re boring steps. They’re not world-changing steps. They’re certainly not big steps. But a quick look at every survey examining “causes for spiritual growth” that I’ve seen, tells a different story. It turns […]

5 Benefits of Two Services

  Four years ago we set out to start a church that would join Jesus in building Redemption City with the gospel—a city where everyone is redeemed, every aspect of life is redeemed, because it is completely centered on the Redeemer (Rev. 21-22). We’ve given our lives to connecting people to Jesus and growing people […]

Send Phoenix: Catch the Vision at the SBC 2017

  The SBC is preparing for her Annual Meeting. Aside from being far west of the typical SBC footprint, and being a hot place for us baptists to gather, Phoenix is also one of the most unreached large cities in America. By any measure—city population, metro area or regional influence—Phoenix is a major North American […]

Advice to Church Planters for Raising Support

  It is surreal to me to now sit on the “other side.” After driving across the southeast, meeting with established churches as an aspiring church planter, and asking for them to “partner” with us, I am now the guy that people come to asking for help. My experience didn’t go so well. As a […]

Three Reflections on Baptism

This post was originally published on Acts29’s blog.   One of the joys of being a church planter is the opportunity to disciple, equip, and instruct our people on important aspects of the faith often for those who have very limited knowledge of these things. The importance of baptism is one of these opportunities we should […]

Pastor as Evangelist

As a pastor, I cannot expect church members to do what I’m not willing to do, myself. I believe it’s safe to assume that most pastors would agree with that statement. A pastor preaching on generosity, but isn’t giving financially to the church, would be quickly rebuked if exposed. Similarly, one who emphasizes the importance […]

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