Should We Pull Back from Politics?

  Don’t call it a pullback; we’ve been here for years. The recent profile in the Wall Street Journal highlighted a generational change in terms of the way evangelicals approach cultural and political engagement: toward a gospel-centered approach that doesn’t back down on issues of importance, but sees our ultimate mission as one that applies the blood […]

5 Life-Giving Ways Christians Can Respond To Relational Pain

  As a pastor in the Nashville area—a place where churches are plentiful and Christianity is profitable—I’ve come across a lot of stories of relational pain caused by professing Christians. This reality is especially unfortunate, since most of the people I have pastored understand far more about what to do with their physical pain than […]

The Jungle Book and the Gospel

  I’ve been told before that I can be too “Jesus-y” because I think the whole Bible – every part of it – points to Jesus. So yes, I’m the crazy guy who sees Jesus “under every rock.” But the truth is that I’m even crazier than that. I don’t just think this about the whole […]

5 Myths about Christian Engagement in the Public Square

  Today we’re featuring a guest post by Dan Darling, Vice President for Communications at the ERLC. We at B21 are thankful for the ERLC’s leadership in equipping the SBC on issues in the public square and their continued support of our mission to be a pastor-led voice for Baptists in the 21st century.     As they have in every […]

6 Ways Pastors Can Equip Churches to Engage Cultural Issues

  Today we’re featuring a guest post by Dan Darling, Vice President for Communications at the ERLC. We at B21 are thankful for the ERLC’s leadership equipping the SBC on issues in the public square. And if you haven’t already, check out the upcoming ERLC National Conference where they have a killer lineup of speakers who will be specifically […]

B21 Panel Video SBC 2016

  At this year’s momentous SBC in St. Louis, B21 gathered key leaders in evangelicalism–J. D. Greear, Danny Akin, David Platt, Albert Mohler, Matt Chandler, Russell Moore–to discuss pressing issues in the SBC and evangelicalism as a whole. B21’s own Jon Akin moderates this year’s panel that touches on issues such as the decline of […]

What Then Shall We Do? Perspectives on Recent Racial Tragedies

  With the recent tragedies of fatal shootings outside of St. Paul, Baton Rouge, and Dallas, it is critical that all Christian leaders both think through this pressing issue well and lead their people to do the same. Racial tension is a problem in our country, and we as Christ-followers must be in the forefront as […]

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