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Jesus and Groundhog Day

In the movie “Groundhog Day” Bill Murray plays the main character, weatherman Phil Connors, who is cursed to relive February 2nd – Groundhog Day – over and over again (some speculate as long as three decades) in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania–the podunk town where the main Groundhog festival takes place. What does Phil do to cope with this […]

Planned Parenthood and the Future

Evangelicals For Life Conference exists to help evangelicals articulate a truly Christian doctrine on the dignity of all human life. You can find more information about the conference and a link to register here. Yesterday Planned Parenthood leadership announced that it would stop receiving “reimbursements” for the donation of fetal tissue taken from aborted babies. It […]

Russ Moore’s Insights on Boycotting

In light of the recent firestorm over the Indiana RFRA law, where parties on both sides have called for boycotting, we wanted to re-post Russ Moore’s insights on boycotting. He gave this interview immediately after he was elected as President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. We are pumped that Dr. Moore will be […]

Guest Post: #Ferguson and the Cross by Derwin Gray

B21 Posts this blog with the permission of Pastor Derwin Gray, pastor of Transformation Church. In August, Michael Brown, an unarmed, black 18-year-old, was shot and killed by Darren Wilson, a white policeman, in Ferguson, Missouri. Tonight, we learned that the grand jury decided not to indict Wilson on any charges related to the event. […]

How Young Pastors Address/Engage Cultural Issues from the Pulpit

Over the next couple of weeks Baptist21 will be extending video segments from helpful conversations held at this year’s Southern Baptist Convention. Stay tuned to hear key leaders address some of the hot issues facing today’s life and ministry. Today we look back at a helpful discussion led by Andrew Walker from the Ethics and […]

Why “Heaven is for Real” Scares Me

In a few days the movie based off the best selling “Evangelical Christian” book of the last decade, Heaven is For Real, debuts. Some of the truths in the sentence I just wrote frighten me and cause me to wonder if we have a biblically discerning, “Berean” culture in today’s Evangelical Church (cf. Acts 17:11). If […]

Noah: The Movie and the Message

  Some evangelicals are up in arms (what else is new?) about the new Noah movie with Russell Crowe and the Nephilim rock people because (surprise surprise) it’s not accurate to the biblical text. So, some are calling for a boycott (again, what else is new?). Shhh… don’t tell them that Jesus didn’t invent the […]

Christian Hip Hop, The Sufficiency of Scripture, and Judging the Heart

I was very troubled by this video clip of a panel that discussed the question: “What about Reformed Rap?” And I have to be honest, the more times I have watched it the more troubled I get that Christian brothers would speak the way they do about the Reformed Hip Hop movement. Three things in […]

Aligning with Hate? Tim Tebow, Greg Doyel, & First Baptist Dallas

I was raised in a loving Christian home where my parents taught me the grace and love of Christ at an early age. However, that did not keep me from being surrounded by the trappings of fundamentalism in the Bible-belt. While my parents and pastors taught me that we are all sinners (“bad guys”) in […]

Sacrificing Our Children to Molech

One of my favorite short stories that I read in school was “The Lottery.” It tells the fictional story of a festival on June 27th in what seems to be a small, Middle America farming town. The story describes the townspeople gathering in the square while children play, women gossip, and the men talk about […]

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