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Racial Tension Surrounding the Trayvon Martin Case: Where do we go from here?

Before jumping into this post, I would like to thank Richard Land for the humility he displayed in his 5 part apology he made on May 9th.  It was always our desire to speak the truth in love while giving Dr. Land the space to begin restoring broken fellowship.  Land’s recent remarks show his desire […]

Gospel and Arts in the Culture Conference

B21 would like to make our readers aware of a conference on the Gospel and Arts in the Culture. This conference will be hosted at Vision Church in Raleigh, NC.   What: Conference and Concert on The Gospel and Arts in the Culture Where: Vision Church When: June 18th 10am, Concert 7pm. Speakers: Sho Baraka, […]

The Evolution of Christian Hip-Hop

As the Unashamed Tour finishes up in Raleigh (more info about that at the bottom), I have been reflecting on the evolution of Christian Hip-Hop. When I was growing up, Christian Hip-Hop was to put it kindly, not the best. I couldn’t decide in the previous sentence whether to put quotations around the word “Christian” […]

Follow Your Heart? The Bachelor, Miss California, and Your Church

  Growing up it seemed that nearly every movie I watched ended with the moral imperative, “follow your heart!”   And the implication is that as long as you trust your heart and act accordingly you can’t go wrong.  Recently, I was reminded that this idea is far from fading.  A couple of fresh examples are […]

Freedom: William Wallace vs. Martin Luther

Every time I watch Braveheart, I cannot wait until the speech that William Wallace gives to the Sons of Scotland persuading them to fight the English army for their freedom. Wallace’s speech is so persuasive, the first time I heard it I felt like getting my sword from under my bed and joining the fight […]

Pink’s “So What” and the Gospel of King Jesus

I guess I just lost my husband / I don’t know where he went So I’m gonna drink my money / I’m not gonna pay his rent (Nope) I got a brand new attitude / And I’m gonna wear it tonight I wanna get in trouble /     I wanna start a fight [chorus]: So […]

The Politics of Jesus

The First Baptist Church of Durham hosted a conference last week entitled The Politics of Jesus. Here is an excerpt describing the questions addressed by the conference: The modern church finds itself riddled with internal contradictions between the teaching of Jesus and politics. The demands of caring for the poor, the elderly, and children fiercely […]


This post is a little different from some of our normal posts, but it does fit with the vision and purpose of Baptist21. The church needs to be able to interact with the culture in which it lives and ministers. We need to have winsome answers for the questions they are asking. This will help […]

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