Interview with Matt Papa (pt. 2)

Recently B21’s Nathan Akin had an opportunity to sit down with Matt Papa and talk about his life, theological education, the state of Christian music, musical worship leadership, his new album, and more…   In part 2 Matt talks about theological education and why he chose Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary   Also Check out Part […]

Business as Mission Event

B21 would like to make our readers aware of an event next week at The Summit Church on Business and Missions. If you are considering international missions this would be an outstanding event to attend. The event will take place August 24 at 7:30 pm
 in The Bay at The Summit Church, Brier Creek Campus. From […]

Why Every Believer Should Go on a Mission Trip

THIS BLOG WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED AT THE “MISSIONS AT SOUTHEASTERN” WEBSITE Recently, I had the joy of going to South Asia to serve alongside some wonderful International Mission Board workers. I learned a lot on this trip as most do who go on international trips. One thing that I could not help but consider was […]

(Part 1) Multi-Site Dialogue: Multisite Mistake? by Micah Fries

B21 is taking a look at the Multi-site debate. Part one, written by guest blogger Micah Fries, raises concerns about the Multi-site movement. Part two will be written from a pro multi-site perspective by multi-site pastor Jimmy Scroggins. We hope this dialogue will be helpful. We are grateful to Micah and Jimmy for taking part […]

Embracing the Unreached Unengaged – Part 3 (The Unwasted Life)

  Martha Myers laid it all on the line for King Jesus and the people of Yemen. She served them for 24 years as a doctor, and over her 24 years there the hospital ministered to nearly 1 million people. She sacrificed personally for many of her patients, including giving away her savings account to […]

Embracing the Unreached Unengaged (Part 2)

Our trip to the Middle East came at a strategic time. There are many shifts taking place in that part of the world. The “Arab Spring” has seen a call for democracy in the Middle East and new ideas being considered. This also means new opportunities for our churches to engage in the Great Commission […]

Embracing the Unreached Unengaged (Part 1)

Last Sunday, I got a taste of the heavenly scenes of Revelation 5 & 7. I heard Jesus’ Name being praised in the Arabic tongue. I preached in English, it was translated into Arabic & heard by American & Arab Christian brothers & sisters alike! The pastor of the church I preached in is a […]

Him iProclaim: The Story App

At the risk of sounding like I am talking out of both sides of my mouth [Check Previous Blog: When You Say Nothing At All], I want to be clear that there is nothing at all wrong with pre-packaged systems for personal evangelism per se. In fact, there is often much right. Any tool to […]

And Nothing But The Truth…(pt. 2)

Check out Part 1 on Word-Centered Preaching… and check out the video of the Kimyal people receiving the New Testament for the first time.   Word-Centered Counseling   Another area in which our ministerial walk has not quite matched our conservative talk is in the area of Biblical Counseling. As a pastor, it never ceases […]

And Nothing But The Truth…(pt. 1)

“This is my Bible…I am what it says I am, I have what it says I have, and I can do what it says I can do.” If you are still with me after reading these lines, you are probably either at least contemplating moving on to another post that is worth reading or you […]

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