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10 Things to Prepare for 2016 SBC

This is a guest post from Dr. Ronnie Floyd, President of the Southern Baptist Convention. The original post can be found at Dr. Floyd’s blog, Significant actions are taking place right now for our upcoming 2016 Southern Baptist Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, on June 14-15. Permit me to give you a briefing today. Online […]

Gospel Influence: The Great Divide in the SBC

People who care about the Southern Baptist Convention’s mission in the world often attempt to analyze the things that might divide us. While we agree on far more than we disagree, we do differ on some things. But I do not think the great divide in the SBC is between younger and older leaders or between […]

Why ERLC’s Hosting the Evangelicals For Life Conference

Today we’re featuring a guest post by Dr. Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. B21’s excited about the upcoming Evangelicals for Life Conference. It truly will be a great opportunity for believers from all over the country to join together to take a stand for the unborn and be better equipped on how to […]

B21 at the Florida Baptist Convention

Last week Florida Baptists gathered for their annual meeting, the Florida Baptist Convention, in Panama City, FL. This annual meeting of pastors, leaders, and lay members was hosted at First Baptist Church of Panama City, and was preceded by the annual Pastors’ Conference. Attenders of the Pastors’ Conference were invited to B21’s inaugural panel at the […]

Why the ERLC is Hosting the Evangelicals For Life Conference

You can find more information about and a special discount code for Evangelicals for Life here. As many Christians yesterday sat at their computer and watched a casual dinner conversation over the price of dismembered children, a lot of us probably thought: “But what can I do about this?” This is a question I hear […]

Reflections on the IMB’s Announcement

The IMB reported last week that it has to dramatically reduce its force at home and abroad. This is obviously bad news, no matter your perspective. Less missionaries on the field, specifically when due to insufficient financial resources, is not the preferred path. However, moments of crisis can also breed moments of great opportunity. In […]

Topics & Questions for the B21 Panel

We hope you plan to join us at the 2015 Baptist21 Panel at the SBC. We will discuss pressing issues in the Southern Baptist Convention. What those issues are will be determined by you! We want YOU to help us develop the list of topics and questions we will ask. Do you have something you would like […]

The Future of the IMB Looks Bright

Bold decisions were made at this week’s IMB trustee meetings that will open up the possibilities for “limitless missionary teams.” For example, the IMB has traditionally majored on one pathway to the field (i.e. fully funded service), but will now emphasize multiple pathways in order to exponentially multiply the missionary force. This includes a major […]

B21 Panel and Giveaways

The B21 panel at SBC 2015 is fast approaching. We are pumped about our all star lineup of panelists who will be with us: H.B. Charles, David Platt, Al Mohler, Russell Moore, and Danny Akin. Your ticket to our panel includes lunch, a ton of free books, and a guarantee that your Tuesday lunch at the SBC will […]

Concerns About Dr. Ben Carson’s Invitation To The SBC Pastors’ Conference

Update: The leadership of the SBC Pastors’ Conference and Dr. Ben Carson’s team have come to a mutual decision that he withdraw from speaking at the Conference. Here is a link to Willy Rice’s statement. We have recognized all along that this decision is Pastor Rice’s alone to make, and we can’t imagine how difficult […]

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