Scared to Death… And Back Again

As I searched to find the right words, two big sets of brown eyes just stared back at mine waiting for an answer. It is difficult to imagine a more sobering and gut-wrenching conversation to have with two young boys than trying to explain to them the reality of death. My family had just endured […]

2 B21 Events in Indiana

Over the past couple of years, the Lord has been gracious in opening up doors for B21 to expand our events calendar from just hosting events at the SBC annual meetings to also being able to host a number of events throughout the year around the country. We’d like to make you aware of a […]

Him iProclaim: The Story App

At the risk of sounding like I am talking out of both sides of my mouth [Check Previous Blog: When You Say Nothing At All], I want to be clear that there is nothing at all wrong with pre-packaged systems for personal evangelism per se. In fact, there is often much right. Any tool to […]

The Story Behind All Stories

The Spencer County Magnet will post an article by B21’s Nick Moore on Easter, B21 reproduces it in full here: I’m not sure why, but the older I get, I start looking forward to each new season with more and more expectancy. When I was a kid, Summer always came and went so fast that […]

And Nothing But The Truth…(pt. 2)

Check out Part 1 on Word-Centered Preaching… and check out the video of the Kimyal people receiving the New Testament for the first time.   Word-Centered Counseling   Another area in which our ministerial walk has not quite matched our conservative talk is in the area of Biblical Counseling. As a pastor, it never ceases […]

And Nothing But The Truth…(pt. 1)

“This is my Bible…I am what it says I am, I have what it says I have, and I can do what it says I can do.” If you are still with me after reading these lines, you are probably either at least contemplating moving on to another post that is worth reading or you […]

B21 Panel Bio’s: Johnny Hunt and Ronnie Floyd

Baptist21 is grateful to have Pastor Johnny Hunt and Pastor Ronnie Floyd discussing the GCR at this year’s B21 Panel at the SBC. The panel will be held on the Tuesday of the SBC in the W414 room (4th floor of the convention center) immediately following the morning session. There is a $7 charge (lunch […]

Authentic Church: The Kingdom Glory of Regenerate Church Membership

In the wake of a landslide vote to pass the new resolution on regenerate church membership at this summer’s Southern Baptist Convention in Indianapolis, much conversation has rightly been generated among pastors and other church leaders regarding the integrity of church membership and the practical out-workings of biblical church discipline. Even within the past few […]

“Adam, Where Are You?”

A recent story in the USA Today cites poll results that should come as neither shocking nor revealing to any local church pastor. According to the article, “Women outnumber men in attendance in every major Christian denomination, and they are 20% to 25% more likely to attend worship at least weekly.” The article goes on […]