Message Monday: “Overcoming Our Desires” by Tanner Turley

This week’s sermon.

Name: Pastor Tanner Turley

Tanner and his wife, Marsha, have four beautiful children, Parker, Kesed,  Jordyn & Titus. When he is not spending time being outnumbered at home, he enjoys hanging with friends and a good book with a good cup of coffee. Tanner played basketball in college, and is an avid fan of Boston sports. His greatest desire is to help connect the people of Greater Boston to God’s design for their lives. Tanner holds the M.Div. and Ph.D. in Applied Theology. At Redemption Hill, a church Tanner founded close to a decade ago, his responsibilities include preaching, vision, and multiplying leaders.

Church: Redemption Hill Church

Series: Overcome: a 4 part series communicating how Jesus helps us live a holy life.

Text: Matthew 15:29 – end of the chapter

Some Sermon Highlights:

-If you want to know what it means to preach Christ, listen to Tanner Turley. He constantly goes back to Jesus throughout this sermon, showing how the text is all about Jesus, how Jesus empowers us to live the Christian life, fully displaying the good news of the gospel.
-Tanner considers natural objections raised by skeptics in his audience and addresses them in a tactful, yet knowledgeable fashion. He also realizes that many attendees may be newer to Christianity, providing essential background information when appropriate.
-Tanner has a knack for expressing complex theological structures into easy to comprehend illustrations.