Pastoral Ministry

B21 Panel from Unite 2019

At the Pillar Network’s 2019 Unite Conference, Baptist21 hosted a panel on cross-cultural ministry, exploring what it is like to be a faithful expositor and pastor in various contexts. Featured guests for this discussion included SEBTS President, Danny Akin, who has helped equip scores of missionaries, Liam Garvie, an elder at the largest evangelical church […]

Theological “TED Talks” from Unite 2019

One of the key features of the 2019 Unite Conference, hosted by the Pillar Network, was the concluding session entitled “Theological TED Talks”. This segment featured 5 theologians providing 10-minute sermonettes in homage to the popular TED Talks format which gained prominence online a few years back. During the theological discussions hosted at Unite, the […]

The R-A-C-E Is On: What to Do When Your Church Encounters a Wintertime Claim

BY GREG LOVE There’s something about the Christmas season that makes us want to view our cup of coffee as half full, not half empty. This time of year has us overflowing with thankfulness and optimism!  However, in the delight and busyness of the holiday season, don’t allow your church to become distracted from managing […]

Making a Christian college Christian

A CHRISTIAN COLLEGE SHOULD MOBILIZE ITS CURRICULUM, FACULTY, AND PROGRAMMING TO HELP STUDENTS DEVELOP THE SKILL OF THINKING CRITICALLY ACCORDING TO GOD’S REVELATION. By  Matthew J. Hall What should you look for in a Christian college? Common sense suggests you should know what kind of person you are, or aspire to be, and look for the […]

Putting the Mic in God’s Hand

Eric Bancroft is a church planter from Grace Church in Miami, Florida, who’s well-known within 9Marks circles. At last month’s Unite Conference, a pastor’s conference hosted by the Pillar Network and Baptist21, Pastor Eric delivered a keynote talk on the importance of expositional preaching in Baptist churches. This talk, entitled, “Putting the Mic in God’s […]

God’s Word Does the Work

At the recent Unite Conference, hosted by the Pillar Network, Pastor Paul Rees from Charlotte Chapel, delivered a moving message from Mark 4, entitled “God’s Word Does The Work“. If you’re unfamiliar with Paul, he leads a rather large Baptist church in Edinburgh, Scotland, dedicated to planting and revitalizing churches throughout the British Isles. In […]

3 Practical Ways You Can Serve Widows This Holiday Season

For Southern Baptists, the words in James 1:27 to care for the orphan and the widow are not simply a suggestion we can overlook but rather a command we are honored to follow.  In fact, November 3 was Orphans and Widows Sunday, and churches across America participated in this special emphasis by holding special offerings […]

Timothy + Barnabas Institute

Timothy+Barnabas Institute is a new coaching resource for pastors. Join cohorts of other ministers to be mentored by more-experienced pastors as you navigate life in ministry. The two-year training includes: Four in-person conferences at NAMB headquarters in Alpharetta Monthly conference calls with your coach Books, articles and resources to work through in between meetings There are two tracks—one […]

Baptist21 & International Justice Mission Pastor Gathering Lunches

Baptist21 is excited to announce a two-year partnership with the International Justice Mission. IJM is a global organization with a plan to eliminate the slave trade everywhere. IJM rescues slaves, works with police to throw slave owners in jail, and work to put the slave trade out of business. IJM has rescued more than 49,000 people […]

Go2 Livestream (featuring: JD Greear & David Platt)

B21 would like our readers to know about the Go2 Challenge and an upcoming Webinar conversation on November 14th between J.D. Greear and David Platt. Below you will find out more about what this challenge is, along with documents for promotion at your church. Interested individuals can sign up for the Webinar here! Watch the Video: […]

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