Resources To Help Your Church Care Well

Resources To Help Your Church Care Well

The Report

“Caring Well” a Report from the SBC Sexual Abuse Advisory Group

Earlier this month, the SBC Sexual Abuse Advisory Group released their findings in a 52 page report.  Download it here:

“Top Ten Takeaways from Report”

Phillip Bethancourt highlights ten key observations from the Caring Well report.

The Response

“Six Ways Pastors Can Care for Victims of Sexual Abuse”

Trilia Newbell lays out six components of caring for sexual abuse victims in their church.  This article originally appeared in Lifeway Voices. A similar version was published later at the ERLC. 

Lifeway Voices


“10 Calls to Action for Southern Baptists on Sexual Abuse”

Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission Executive Vice President, Phillip Bethancourt, calls pastors and churches to action.

Podcast: “The Reality of Sexual Abuse Hits Home: What Happened? What Do We Do Now?” 

The Briefing with Al Mohler

Al Mohler

Podcast: “How church leaders should respond to sexual abuse” 

Help and Hope: A Podcast of CCEF

Tim Lane and Aaron Sironi

“Soul Care to the Sexually Violated” (Parts One & Two)
Anna Mondal works in the Research Doctoral Department of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary serves as a counselor with One-Eighty Counseling and Scarlet Hope – a nonprofit organization offering care, education, and work to women leaving the adult entertainment industry. 

(Part 1) 

(Part 2)

The Resources 

Resources for Sexual Abuse Prevention 

The SBC has created a toolkit of resources to equip church leaders to protect their congregants from sexual abuse.