Nathan Akin

B21 Panel SBC 2014 Promo: Danny Akin

Danny Akin invites you to attend our 2014 SBC B21 Lunch panel in Baltimore, MD What: A Lunch Panel on Pressing Issues in the SBC Where: Ballroom II on Level 400 of the Baltimore Convention Center When: Tuesday Lunch Break of the SBC (roughly 11:30am to 1pm – we will start immediately after the morning session closes) Speakers: Danny Akin Matt Chandler […]

Concerns about Elevation Church

(Note: Before we released this article we sent it to Elevation church with the hope of opening dialogue about these concerns and learning from Elevation church and Pastor Furtick more about the things of which we were concerned. It has now been nearly a week and we have not heard back from them.) The evangelical […]

Death Rattle or Life Preserver? An Appeal to the NCFIC Panelists

Guest Post by Brian Davis: Brian is a Christian Hip Hop Artist who goes by the name God’s Servant. Brian is currently a church-planting intern with at Imago Dei Church in Raleigh and is planning to plant in Philadelphia. Brian also completed the internship at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Like many, I was shocked by the recently […]

Christian Hip Hop, The Sufficiency of Scripture, and Judging the Heart

I was very troubled by this video clip of a panel that discussed the question: “What about Reformed Rap?” And I have to be honest, the more times I have watched it the more troubled I get that Christian brothers would speak the way they do about the Reformed Hip Hop movement. Three things in […]

The Conservative Resurgence in Alabama and the Getty’s In Christ Alone

When denominations that question the authority of the Scriptures and some of its clear teachings reject In Christ Alone by the Getty’s we should not be surprised. However, when SBC Convention leaders question the content of that song and say they will not sing the line in question (“Till on that cross as Jesus died/The […]

The Gospel Project Panel: Christ-Centered Preaching

  Recently, the Gospel Project hosted a panel at the SBC on “Christ-Centered Preaching” with Ed Stetzer, Trevin Wax, Eric Hankins, and Baptist21’s Jon Akin. You can listen to that discussion here.

Reflections on Louisiana College and the President Aguillard Interview

The whole situation at LC is a sad one. No matter which side one takes in this controversy, when allegations of dishonesty are being made at a Baptist institution, it is heartbreaking. Our desire in the interview was to shine light on this situation and to quote Alfred from the newest Batman, for “truth to […]

B21 Panel SBC 2013 Video and Audio (Updated)

B21’s panel at this year’s SBC discussed discipleship, cooperation, Calvinism, cultural engagement (in particular the homosexuality debate), and more.  The panel included: Danny Akin, Matt Carter, Albert Mohler, Russell Moore, and David Platt. Audio of the Panel

B21 Video Interview with LC President Aguillard

  B21′s Jonathan Akin sat down with President Joe Aguillard of Louisiana College to talk about the controversy surrounding his school. The audio is available now, the video will be available soon. Jon has written about this controversy  – In addition, here is an article from the local newspaper The Town Talk on the Louisiana College Situation.

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