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Baptist21 Has Launched a Podcast

If you have’t already, check out the new B21 Podcast! There have already been interviews with Russell Moore, Vance Pitman, J.D. Greear, William Branch AKA Ambassador, Dwayne Milioni, and Jon Akin. Subscribe on: B21 on iTunes B21 on Spotify B21 on Google Play 

Did Gerald Harris and I Attend a Different SBC This Year?

Recently, I was sent Gerald Harris’ article in the Christian Index entitled, “The Southern Baptist Convention is Undergoing a Seismic Shift.” Harris is the Senior Editor of that Georgia Baptist Paper. After reading the article, I was left with the question, “Did we attend completely different conventions?” Harris laments in the article that Southern Baptists used to be […]


SEVEN THINGS EVERY (FIRST TIME) SBC’ER SHOULD KNOW As the annual Southern Baptist Convention is fast approaching here are seven things we think all first timers to the annual convention should know:   I. THE NEED OF THE HOUR FOR HUMILITY AND UNITY IN OUR CONVENTION  Leading into a convention there is usually much going on […]

An Open Letter To Younger Southern Baptists

An Open Letter To Younger Southern Baptists by Nathan Akin News broke last week that Dr. Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, would be appointed President Emeritus of the school, effective immediately, to which Dr. Patterson accepted. Part of the statement from the board of trustees read, “A special meeting of the SWBTS […]

Election 2016 Thoughts – Part Two: Trump Support Could Hurt Our Gospel Witness

  I graduated from Murray State University with a degree in Political Science. I used to be obsessed and easily rattled by the results of elections. In almost all of those elections, I thought there was a clear candidate who should be elected for the good of the American people. Then along comes this election! […]

Three Reflections on Baptism

This post was originally published on Acts29’s blog.   One of the joys of being a church planter is the opportunity to disciple, equip, and instruct our people on important aspects of the faith often for those who have very limited knowledge of these things. The importance of baptism is one of these opportunities we should […]

B21 Lunch Panel #SBC16 Livestream!

If you can’t join us in person we will be livestreaming the panel as discuss the current state and future of the SBC. View Livestream When: June 14 at roughly 11:45am (begins after the morning session) – 1pm Panelists: David Platt, Matt Chandler, R. Albert Mohler Jr., Danny Akin, Russell Moore, and J.D. Greear Potential […]

State Baptist Editors and This Week’s Fake SBC Controversy

Recently a hilarious website called the BabylonBee has taken the evangelical world by storm. It is a parody site that shares poignantly funny (and fake) new stories that often hit close to evangelical stereotypes. Some of my personal favorites so far have been: “John Piper Gently Informs David Platt that Everyone Knows about Secret Church,” […]

Baptist21, USA Today, and Politics

Recently, B21 leaders were interviewed about several issues surrounding the church and politics. Jon Akin and Jed Coppenger were interviewed in the Tennessean in an article entitled “Keep Church, Political Parties Separate, Baptist Group Urges” that was also picked up by USA Today In addition, Nate Akin was interviewed on Steve Noble’s podcast “Called2Action” in […]

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