B21 Guide to SBC 2024

B21 has you covered for all things related to the 2024 SBC Annual Meeting in Indianapolis.

  1. B21’s Guide to the SBC 2024 – Check out B21’s commentary on the SBC program including highlights of when to be in the room, explanations of motions/resolutions/business, and more. For the latest updates from B21 during the SBC Annual Meeting, be sure to follow us on Twitter/X.

  2. B21 Leaders’ Preview Podcast on SBC 2024 – In this episode, Nate Akin, Jed Coppenger, and Josh Powell discuss SBC 2024 and topics such as: the Presidential election, Law Amendment, Cooperation Committee, changes to the BFM, ARITF Report, and more.

  3. B21 Interviews with Various SBC Presidential Candidates – In the following podcasts, Nate Akin & Jed Coppenger interview all 6 of the current candidates running for the SBC Presidency.

Note: Our B21 Panel will run the morning of June 11th at the Indiana Roof Ballroom with doors opening at 6:30AM. This event is SOLD OUT.