The Gospel of Jesus in the Life of Asa

2 CHRONICLES 14-16: ASA When reading a narrative a reader must look for clues, themes, etc that foreshadow what will happen at the end of the story. After reading the whole story, those clues and themes make greater sense, and are read in light of the rest of the story. When reading stories like Romeo […]

Baptist21: Podcast Interview with Flame

We had our hip hop concert, dunk and 3 point contests Friday November 21st. Many young men and ladies showed up for the evening’s activities. They got to see some very competitive basketball. They also heard a great concert from hip hop artist Flame. The crowd, made up of mostly lost people, was hesitant at […]

Hip Hop, the Gospel and Worship

Early last summer some of my staff and I were on an Acts 17 mission driving around our community observing the culture. There are several churches in our area that are trying very similar things in ministry and outreach to reach very similar people. But, during our drive we noticed a segment of the population […]

Jesus For President?

During the past few months campaign signs of every color have littered leaf-covered yards, slam campaign ads have littered airways, and bumper stickers have touted the driver’s candidate of choice. I have grown so callous to all of this campaigning that I almost don’t even notice the signs and stickers anymore. Yet, one bumper sticker […]

Why Scholars don’t Understand Amos? The Gospel.

Most scholars agree with Julius Wellhausen that the conclusion to the book of Amos (Amos 9:11-15) is not authentic and was not written by Amos. The reason they believe it cannot be authentic is that the tone of Amos’ message changes drastically from merciless judgment to merciful blessing. He spends nine and half chapters aggressively […]

Baptist21 Podcast: Interview with Pastor James Merritt

From our Purpose Statement: Baptist 21 is grateful for a Southern Baptist heritage where the Gospel has been faithfully passed down and effective Great Commission ministry has been undertaken. Many believe there is a crisis ahead for Baptists, particularly Southern Baptists, in the 21st century. Our commitment is to work diligently in the present by […]

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