Dr. Bryant Wright on the SBC Name Change (Part 1)

Recently, Jonathan Akin had the opportunity to interview SBC President Bryant Wright over Skype. President Wright responds to pressing questions and offers clarifications concerning the recent SBC name change proposal. This interview will be released in 3 parts over the next week. You can watch the video below. The following questions are answered in part 1:

  • What led you to form this Task Force?
  • Many hoped an actual name change would be proposed. Why legally is this impossible?
    • Is it true that a name change would necessitate changing historic Baptist polity?
    • Was money the main concern for not changing the name, or was it the other factors?
  • Why not propose a “doing business as” option, and what exactly is a “descriptor?”
  • Some of the negative response to the proposal has been “so we’re not doing anything.” How would you respond to that?
    • “Great Commission” is insider language that doesn’t speak to those we are trying to reach.  How can this be effective with “outsiders”?
  • Some fear that this proposal will be another thing to divide the SBC. You’ll have some who are passionately “Great Commission Baptists” and other who say passionately “I’m a Southern Baptist.” Are you fearful of this?