Dr. Bryant Wright on SBC Name Change (Part 3)

Recently, Jonathan Akin had the opportunity to interview SBC President Bryant Wright over Skype. President Wright responds to pressing questions and offers clarifications concerning the recent SBC name change proposal. You can watch Part 1 of the interview here and Part 2 here.

The following questions are answered in Part 3, which is the final installment posted below.

  • Will our SBC entities/seminaries be encouraged to use the descriptor?
  • If a Church Planter in Boston wants to use the descriptor and is speaking to someone wanting more information about “Great Commission Baptists,” will there be a GCB website or will that person ultimately end up at the SBC website?
  • Your fellow Pastor in Georgia, Michael Catt, tweeted in response to this: @MichaelCatt “If you google GCB you’re going to be embarrassed. Not the initials we want attached to the Gospel at Google…ugh. Did anyone search this?” How would you respond to the similarity of the initials of the descriptor to the new show on ABC?
  • Closing remarks or where to send further questions if people want clarification on things?

Don’t miss Dr. Wright’s passion and excitement about the future of the SBC at the end!