Dr. Jimmy Scroggins on the Conservative Resurgence (Part 1)

Dr. Jimmy Scroggins is the Pastor of FBC West Palm Beach, and he attended Southern Seminary during the Conservative Resurgence. Hear from Jimmy why the CR was necessary, and consider his invitation to be a part of this conversation at the B21 panel in New Orleans. You can register for this discussion here.



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  1. Dr. Scroggins:

    Surely we do not need to go over this again do we. There will forever be folks like myself that believe the CR was nothing more than a TAKEOVER of a denomination.

  2. Tommy,

    Are you saying that Dr. Scroggins is lying about what his philosophy prof taught concerning the resurrection?

    The truth is we have graduates from our seminaries in those days who argue for homosexual marriage, against inerrancy, against the exclusivity of the gospel, etc.

    The CR was about theology. It wasn’t a political power play. The teachings of former profs are well documented. And the trajectory of the sbc was heading towards where all of the mainline denominations have gone

  3. Great reminder of why we should thank God for all that He has done in keeping SBC faithful to the Word of God. I’m looking forward to attending the B21 panel.

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