10 Questions for Darrin Patrick

PatrickThe Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary has asked Baptist21 to do a video interview with Darrin Patrick, Pastor of Journey Church in St. Louis, Missouri and Vice President of the Acts29 Network. Over the next few days we will be collecting questions to ask Darrin in this video interview. We want to hear your questions! What questions would you like to ask Darrin Patrick? Please list your questions in the comment field below and we will compile them into ten questions.

Note: Questions will only be considered if submitted by Saturday April 3rd, 2010 by 11:00 pm.

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  1. For Darren (from a fellow Missourian who appreciates a lot that the Journey is doing to reach our state),
    as someone whose church was the center of a lot of “hubbub” at the state convention level, what practical advice might you give from what you’ve learned to young church planters for better partnerships with local convention entities?

  2. Also from Missouri (Josh, I hope we don’t swamp out our state’s slots with these two!)

    In light of Baptist polity, what are the parameters for daughter churches as you plant? What are the parameters for partner/midwife churches?

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