Announcement: B21 and the Pillar Network to Partner


Baptist21 is always on the lookout for other like-minded entities who can help us further our mission as a pastor-led network to be a positive voice for the future of the SBC by promoting the centrality of the gospel, baptistic distinctives, the primacy of the local church, and a focus on reaching all nations. One group whom we have been following for a while, and grown much closer to as of late, is the Pillar Church Planting and Revitalization Network.


During the Dallas convention, our two boards met together to discuss the possibility of exploring mutual collaborations in the future. After meeting, both boards agreed that one way to move forward would be to merge the Pillar blog with our blog to promote quality content for pastors within the SBC. And so, we are excited to announce that B21 will be hosting Pillar blogs through the Baptist21 website.