B21 and Sojourn @ the SBC (Updated Information)


When (information has changed): June 23rd 11:45am-1:45pm (during a break at this year’s Southern Baptist Convention in Louisville).

Why the time change: The time has been moved back because Baptist21 has been informed that the “SBC Presidential Address” will run until nearly 11:30am. Initially, the schedule we were provided by the Executive Committee for this year’s convention schedule had the morning session ending at 11am. We apologize for the wrong information provided in our previous blog and want to make you aware that the “b21 Panel” will start at approximately 11:45am so that those that will attend can also hear Pastor Johnny Hunt deliver his presidential address. We, at b21, hope you will make it a priority to attend Pastor Hunt’s address. Pastor Hunt has been a wonderful encouragement so far as president. So, we want to show our support to our president, who has made it a point during his presidency to reach out to younger pastors and to address many of the topics of concern. His address will likely be no different.


Note: There will be a $5 cover charge at the door; this $5 dollars will include a meal and possibly a book from some of the panel members. Sign up ASAP so that we can begin to prepare adequate arrangements and please blog about this event to stir up interest.

Where: Sojourn Community Church, 930 Mary St. Louisville, KY 40204 (about 5 minutes from where the convention will be held)

What: “b21 Panel” – A forum discussion about the present and future of the SBC. Each panel member will briefly address a key issue in SBC life, and this will be immediately followed by Question/Answer time.

Topics will include: the benefits of cooperation, the great things the SBC is doing, changes the SBC needs, how we involve younger leaders, how we can move forward, and others.

Who: We have invited several key leaders to form the panel. Those who have officially accepted the invitation so far are: Ed Stetzer from Lifeway (see his promo for the event here), Daniel Akin from SEBTS, and Daniel Montgomery of Sojourn, and there are more names to come. Baptist 21 guys will be moderating the event.

Why: Many in the SBC see a great need for a directional change, but are also very excited about the things that the SBC does well. This event will celebrate what we are doing well and discuss possible areas of change.

We certainly pray that you will make an effort to be a part of the b21 panel at this year’s convention.