Dear Baptist 21 Reader,

Thank you for reading our blog and supporting what we are doing here! Our mission at Baptist 21 is to see greater faithfulness to and cooperation in the Great Commission among Southern Baptists in the 21st century. Part of that mission includes encouraging younger leaders within SBC to stay in the SBC and get involved in it. So, with you in mind, Baptist 21 has decided to put on an event that will address these important issues. The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) annual meeting in Louisville is fast approaching. It seems as though year after year, less people choose to attend this meeting. We at Baptist21 want to do everything possible to help make the SBC worth a minister’s time and to get younger leaders involved. With this in mind, we have decided to partner with Sojourn Community Church and host an event on Tuesday, June 23rd from 11:45 am – 1:45 pm. This “B21 Panel” will feature a panel of 5-6 men who will address specific issues in our convention and answer your questions about its future. The lineup is: Danny Akin, Mark Dever, Al Mohler, Daniel Montgomery, David Platt and Ed Stetzer.

We want to personally invite you to the b21 panel. Baptist 21 is grateful for our readers and those who support what we are trying to do. As stated above, our hope is to persuade younger sbcer’s to get involved in the convention. So, we want through this event to get as many young, gospel-centered leaders together as possible. As a by-product, our hope is that more people get involved in the annual meeting. Through the b21 panel we hope to get to know you better and begin a conversation with you about the future of the SBC. Here is what you will receive at the b21 panel.

1)      Free Admission – President Johnny Hunt believes in Baptist 21 and this event. He also wants to get younger leaders like you involved in SBC life, so he is personally paying out of his own pocket the way for each of the participants.

2)      Free Books -The panelists have volunteered to make one of their books available to each of the attendees, so you’ll be walking away with some books.

3)      Lunch – Lunch will be provided during the panel. This is the lunch break for the annual meeting and we want to make the best use of that time by providing lunch and a conversation about ministry.

4)      Opportunity to Network – This is a chance to connect with likeminded brothers around the SBC who are serving our King.


There are a few things that we want to ask of you:

1)      Just Be There! The bottom line is that we are grateful for you and would love the chance to get to know you better. You would honor us by just being at the event.

2)      Encourage others to attend – Capacity for the event is 500, and it looks like we will meet that capacity. However, we really want our readers and their friends in the ministry to be there, so invite guys you know to come.

3)      Blog about it – If you are a blogger, then consider encouraging your readers to attend.

The discussion at the b21 panel will focus on celebrating what we are doing well in the SBC and how to change what we are doing poorly. We know the SBC isn’t perfect, but we also know we are doing some amazing things. The SBC has an incredible amount of resources at its disposal; yet, there is much disagreement over how these resources should be used and how these opportunities should be addressed. There is also a generational tension that exists which causes much frustration on both sides. Needless to say, much wisdom is needed to address these issues.

We want you to be a part of this discussion. We want your questions and thoughts on these matters. Here’s how you can ask a question:

  1. You can submit your question via text message. Create a new text message with 41411 as the recipient. The first word in the body of the text must be “baptist21.” Then proceed with typing your name, email, church, and then your question.
  2. The second way you ask a question is by simply filling out the online form at http://www.baptisttwentyone.com/?p=1970

Baptist 21 will compile the questions and will proceed to ask the best questions at the b21 panel.

We pray that you will attend this event. If you are interested or have any other questions, you can contact us at baptist21@gmail.com.

Serving the Kingdom of Christ,

Baptist 21