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b21-sbcLet us begin by thanking those of you who took time to vote on our poll asking whether or not you would attend an event hosted by baptist21 at the annual convention. Due to an overwhelming response, we have decided to hold an event during the week of the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in Louisville, Kentucky (June23-24).

We at Baptist21 are very excited about this event we are planning. Sojourn Community Church, in Louisville, Ky, approached Baptist21 about putting on a Co-sponsored event. Daniel Montgomery, lead pastor for Sojourn Community Church, and Baptist21 have already began working hard to set up an event that will be worth your time. This event labeled “b21 forum” will feature a panel discussion with well-known SBC leaders. Please make preparations to be a part of this event. More information coming soon…

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  1. This is my first visit to your blog (I came over from SBC Voices), but I want to say that it’s extremely well done. I’m going to forward a link to the blog and a link to this particular article to my pastor, who’s planning on attending the SBC annual meeting. Thanks!

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