Do You Have a Question for the b21 Panel? (UPDATED)



UPDATE: Baptist21’s panel discussion for this Friday during lunch time of the “God Exposed” conference is almost full, so sign up as soon as possible. The panel will feature Danny Akin, Thabiti Anyabwile, Mark Dever, J.D. Greear, and Mark Liederbach. The event will take place in the Multi-Purpose Room of the Ledford Student Center from 12:15 to 1:30. The cost is $5 per person. You can sign up here or buy a ticket at the check in on Friday morning. Seating is limited to 220 and tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note: For those of you already signed up for the God Exposed Conference, this event is not included in your conference ticket price or conference registration process.

What Question Would You Like to Have Answered?

Baptist21 would like to hear from you… What question would you like to ask of these panelists? Please submit your questions by filling out the form below. We will select some of the questions to ask to the panelists.

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      I am unsure what you mean… I would first ask who you mean by “leaders.” If you mean the agency heads, I cannot speak for them all, but I know that several of them have emails that you can find on their websites and they will respond to you. I am not sure if that helps, if you mean pastors, then I am sure that is a case by case basis.


  1. I have found that “SBC Leaders” are very accessable. If you call or
    E-mail SBC agency staff they will get back to you. Maybe it will take a few days or weeks because they may be traveling and not in their office but they (or someone in their office) will return your E-mail or call.

    Also, it has been my own personal observation that whenever I’ve contacted members of the Board of Trustees of any of our agencies that they respond.

    One problem is that evidently some agencies don’t have their phone extension list up on their web site. So in that case, you can call the “main number” and ask the receptionist answering the phone for the person who want to talk to and they will connect you to that person. Also, if you tell the receptionist what your question is they will connect you to the right person.

    A few times that I have visited SBC seminaries in person [Golden Gate, Southwestern] — to go to the library or bookstore — people on the staff have always welcomed me to the campus.

    I have found that (at least here in Oklahoma [BGCO]), that I’ve been able to talk with heads of the various ministries at the state convention with no problem.

    One case in point: I wanted more information regarding the Board of Trustees of the International Mission Board. I decided see if I could attend the trustee’s meeting myself and see what was going on. I called Richmond [HQ of the IMB] “blind” and in three minutes I was talking to the President’s Office. The person answering the phone gave me all the information I needed regarding the upcoming BoT meeting in Jacksonville. She invited me to attend the plenary session which I did.

    I think the SBC would be better off if more laymen would see for themselves what is going on. Speaking for myself, I think I was not getting a “clear” picture of what was happening just by reading blogs. You have to talk with staff/trustees of the SBC agencies yourself to get a complete picture of what is going on.

    The problem with blogs is that for the most part, SBC agency staff and BoT members, don’t frequent them. The same goes for the state conventions.

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