Dr. Mohler’s Forum on the Future of the SBC

dr-mohlerToday, Dr. Albert Mohler held a forum at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he is President. In this forum Dr. Mohler speaks directly and candidly about the future of the Southern Baptist Convention and what it will take in order for Southern Baptists to continue to have a viable role in God’s Mission. Baptist21 believes this forum will be pivotal for the future of the SBC. You can listen to this forum by clicking below.

Forum on the Future of the SBC

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  1. Thanks for making this available, but I am having a problem with the sound on my laptop. Do you know if there is a transcript of this anywhere on the internet?

    Also, if you sit down with Chad Bresson again, please tell him there is at least one SBC pastor who thinks he needs to write a book–maybe even a systematic theology:). After listening to him at the Think Tank in New York–http://liftedveil.org/the-future-of-nct/–, I believe he has one sharp theological mind.

    And I love what happens at the end of his 2 part lecture.

    Grace to all the brothers of B21,

    Benji Ramsaur

  2. Relatively new to the SBC this is a great source of context understanding as well as hope that the SBC will exist and work for the cause of Christ and His Kingdom as a part of the True Church in the generations to come.

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