Exciting Announcement: Toward a Great Commission Resurgence in the SBC, A Declaration

blue_globe_-_oceanOver a week ago Baptist21, along with several other blogs, posted the video and manuscript of Danny Akin’s address “12 Axioms of a Great Commission Resugence in the SBC.” Since then the address has received wide coverage and response around the blogosphere. Well the Great Commission Resurgence agenda is moving forward again. Today there is an exciting announcement of a new site, greatcommissionresurgence.com, and a declaration entitled, “Toward a Great Commission Resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention: A Declaration,” to be signed by all Southern Baptists who are in agreement. Baptist21 would highly encourage you to be one of the first to sign this document and check out this new site.

This idea for a Great Commission Resurgence seems to be gaining much momentum, here are some of the blogs that are covering Akin’s initial address:

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  1. I wholeheartedly support the GCR and loved Danny Akin’s “axioms” message, but I’m not sure what it accomplishes if I sign the website. I can see how it matters when seminary professors, convention presidents, and famous pastors put their signatures on it, but what about mine? I don’t have a recognizable name or really any influence at all outside of my church. Who is going to care?

    Part of the reason I ask is that I signed the SBECI document online shortly after it came out. I can’t see that my signature accomplished anything other than getting asked questions about it when I interviewed for my current ministry position.

    So I guess what I’m really asking is whether you guys think a large number of signatures will actually make any difference. And if so, who are we influencing that can institute real changes?

  2. Daniel,
    as one of those seminary professors who may be a little more recognizable, let me tell you that it matters a lot to see your name there. If we will see a Great Commission Resurgence, it will take a movement involving everyone possible renewing their commitment or making whatever changes needed to see it happen. Your voice matters. One thing that has to change, and a flattened world is helping, is the involvement of more folks just like you.

    So, for my two cents, I may not know you personally, but I care that your name is there. Theologically, you matter as much as anybody on the list. Strategically, you matter because this is as much a response to a grass roots movement of unrest with the status quo as it is the conviction of more influential people. Practically, you matter because there are a lot of us who think your opinion matters.

    So thanks for your involvement. Hope to see you at the SBC!

  3. Daniel,

    I’d agree with Dr. Reid. Also the SBECI didn’t really call for any specific action in my mind. The GCR declaration does call for very specific actions, and the signatures are for ANY Baptist who thinks this is what we should be devoted to and is committing to devote (or re-devote) themselves to it and encourage others to do the same. This can make a real difference. The Conservative Resurgence was driven as much by grassroots Baptists as “influential” leaders. If the SBC is going to see revival it will take place thru local churches recommitting to what the church is called to be. Hope that helps,


  4. Jon & Dr. Reid,

    I appreciate the feedback and definitely see your point. I would like to know if you have any thoughts about my final question though. If we are calling for specific action, how will this particular document be effective in bringing about that action? It seems to essentially be a petition, but whom are we petitioning? If it is only to sway the minds of Southern Baptists in general, then I’m again back to my position of not being a person whose opinion the average Southern Baptist respects. I need to know that this document can be effective at something more than just establishing its own support.

  5. As I said on my blog, I am not part of the SBC any more, but it would gladden my heart to no end to see a true Great Commission Resurgence among Southern Baptists. I desire this for several reasons. Firstly, it would glorify the Lord who gave the Great Commission. Secondly, it would get the gospel to the lost. Thirdly, I spent much of my Christian life in the SBC (in churches, as a missionary with NAMB, at a SBC college), and I maintain an interest in and affection for the convention. Fourthly, my hope is that where the SBC leads others will follow. As the largest Protestant denomination in the country, the SBC has a lot of influence. If others see the SBC refocusing on the Great Commission, on cooperation among like-minded Christians, on making the main the the main thing, then one hopes that the Lord will use that to get them to do the same thing.

    May your tribe increase!

  6. we agree with your heart and voice Our vision is a mutdtluie from every language, tribe, people, and nation knowing and worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ. We’ll be home Oct-January would love to share what the Lord has been doing here .We’re singing with you! jj

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