Exciting Announcement: Toward a Great Commission Resurgence in the SBC, A Declaration

blue_globe_-_oceanOver a week ago Baptist21, along with several other blogs, posted the video and manuscript of Danny Akin’s address “12 Axioms of a Great Commission Resugence in the SBC.” Since then the address has received wide coverage and response around the blogosphere. Well the Great Commission Resurgence agenda is moving forward again. Today there is an exciting announcement of a new site, greatcommissionresurgence.com, and a declaration entitled, “Toward a Great Commission Resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention: A Declaration,” to be signed by all Southern Baptists who are in agreement. Baptist21 would highly encourage you to be one of the first to sign this document and check out this new site.

This idea for a Great Commission Resurgence seems to be gaining much momentum, here are some of the blogs that are covering Akin’s initial address: