Free HCSB for B21 Panel Attendees!!


bibleinfo003-300x199The good folks at B & H Publishing have graciously offered to send a free HCSB to those B21 attendees who did not receive one. Although 450 people signed up to attend the event, over 600 people showed up! With a limited number of Bibles to give away, there were some who did not walk away with a free HCSB. B & H said that if B21 attendees will email their address, they will send them a free HCSB! So, if you attended the event and didn’t receive an HCSB, send your address to

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  1. Did the panel get recorded? Will it be posted online? Is there anyway to get ahold of the audio if it won’t be online? The panel was the highlight of the convention for me and I wish all the friends I had invited could have seen the panel.

  2. Yes it did… we hope to post it soon. It will take time to get it up because I will be away from NC till next week. So it could be at least a week before we get that video up… thanks for the kind words Blake.


  3. Will a transcript be made available as well for Deaf viewers? I was the only Deaf in attendance and I missed several things due to not being able to follow some of the speakers.

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