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121_1We want to make our readers aware of an upcoming conference. The 121 Forum is an exciting event taking place on August 28-29, 2009. The 121 Forum will be co-sponsored by Frederick Boulevard Baptist Church and the Missouri Baptist Convention.

This event is being promoted as “A conference where we can have serious discussions about communicating the Word of God in contemporary culture.” Pastor Micah Fries of Frederick Boulevard recently stated the following about this conference:

“This conference is essentially an effort on our behalf to create dialogue concerning the implications of faithfulness to the 1st century text within a 21st century context. We’ve intentionally invited speakers who are some of the brightest minds in SBC & MBC life. Each of these guys has impeccable credentials and is able to intelligently speak on the topics they’ve been given. They’ll be addressing such as “Living the Kingdom of God in the Local Church”, “1st Century Missiological Principles”, “21st Century Biblical Ecclesiology”, “The Doctrine of the Church in Acts”, “Leadership through the lends of Romans 12:8” and “8 Keys for Missional Living in the 21st Century”.


Each speaker will be “speaking” in the traditional sense during the Forum, but each speaker will also be assigned a time slot where they will dialogue with the participants in a Q&A session as well, which enables this to truly be a Forum.”

Every attendee will receive a free copy of Dr. Alvin Reid & Dr. Mark Leiderbach’s new book, “The Convergent Church”. The best part is the whole conference is free!

Speakers include Bob Roberts and Alvin Reid.

The Worship is going to be incredible and is being led by Nathan Elder and Relevant Band from Crosspoint Fellowship in the Houston area. Crosspoint is a church plant that is 10 years old and is now running around 700. Nathan, however, is their Worship Pastor and is originally from St. Joe. He is one of the more impressive young worship leaders in the country.

In addition the conference is also offering a Student Leadership track, which will allow you to bring your Students from your Student Ministry to be trained. They will join everyone else for portions of the event, and for part of the event they will move to another area on the campus where they will be trained in the very same topics, but the training will specifically be focused on the environment that students find themselves in.

We highly encourage anyone who can attend this event. We are big fans of Pastor Micah and all that is taking place at Frederick Boulevard. If you have any questions about the conference you can email You can register for this conference at

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  1. Blake, thanks for your interest in the 121 Forum! The vast majority of the folks in the MBC are wonderful people who have been incredibly generous to me and to Frederick Boulevard. I’m thankful for their spirit of partnership and their desire to advance the Kingdom. Unfortunately our state convention has received a lot of negative press over a few issues, but by and large the MBC is filled with tremendous people.

  2. Ditto what Micah said. I did both MBSC youth super summer camps this summer. I have a huge number of friends in the state, many of whom serve as pastor of some of the greatest churches there. So do not be misled by a few shrill voices. There are many in the state serious about the gospel and not about witch hunts :-). I do invite all who can to come to this special conference. We can tell the timeless gospel message in a timely way.

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