Pray for the Great Commission Resurgence

Portrait of a boy with the map of the world painted on his face.

Portrait of a boy with the map of the world painted on his face.

The Great Commission and a Great Commission Resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention will never be accomplished apart from the power of prayer. So, the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force has announced a website that is asking for 5,000 people to sign up to pray for a Great Commission Resurgence and to pray for the Task Force as they carry out their assignment. The site is

Baptist21 hopes that many will sign up to pray. Please consider being a part of this prayer group.  Head over to the site, sign-up, and let’s hit the goal of 5,000 as we seek the good of the nations to the glory of our Christ.

From the Site:

Why We Need A Great Commission Resurgence:

  • The churches of the Southern Baptist Convention are yearning for a new day of Great Commission awakening and commitment. They sense both a need and a rare opportunity to come together to reclaim the missional vision that brought us together from the first.
  • A new generation of Southern Baptists is ready for deployment in the service of the Great Commission – and waiting to see if Southern Baptists are ready to send, support, and propel this generation out to the nations. Will we do what it takes to send those God is calling?
  • Many of our churches –- perhaps 70% — are plateaued or declining. They need a Great Commission Resurgence starting right where they are. A Great Commission Resurgence has to start right at home.
  • Southern Baptists have much work to do reaching America in a multicultural, multiethnic, multilingual era. We need a Great Commission Resurgence that will make us do whatever it takes to reach America with the Gospel.
  • Southern Baptists need a Great Commission Resurgence that will reorder our priorities, refocus our vision, reclaim our mission, and set our hearts on seeing the nations exult in the name of Jesus.