SBC 2010

sbcThe 2009 Southern Baptist Convention is now well behind us. What had promised to be one of the most memorable conventions in a long time, certainly was. Here are just a few great things worth noting from this year’s convention:

  • A much higher attendance than previously estimated.
  • Younger pastors turned out to show their support and love for the SBC and the Great Commission Resurgence (GCR)
  • Drs. Albert Mohler, Danny Akin, and Johnny Hunt have emerged as some of the key leaders that will lead our convention and set an example to younger pastors
  • Events such as 9 Marks @ 9, the Founder’s Breakfast, and the b21 panel, offered different avenues to discuss ministry. These events seemed to appeal to younger pastors.
  • The GCR gained great momentum, and the motion to appoint a Great Commission Task Force passed overwhelmingly (95% to 5%)
  • At the conclusion of the convention and in the days following, President Hunt named the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force. This group is tasked with evaluating our effectiveness in the Great Commission across our convention structures and bringing their findings to the 2010 SBC.

These are just a few of the great things that happened at the 2009 SBC, and there is a growing expectancy that greater things will happen in the future. The 2010 SBC is now under 11 months away and if you thought SBC 2009 was an exciting convention, next year will be even more important. The GCR task force has already been meeting and has begun to diagnose every area of our convention. They will be looking at how we as a convention can best maximize our resources in accomplishing the Great Commission. Our prayer is that every Southern Baptist Church will also be looking at how they too can maximize their resources and give more to missions.

This is an exciting time for our convention. What happens at the 2010 SBC in Orlando will greatly influence the future of our convention. There will be several significant things happening:

  1. A new President will be elected in 2010. This alone makes the convention worth attending because it signals who will be representing us as our figurehead for the next year and appointing the trustees for SBC entities. Every SBC church should be concerned about who will represent them.
  2. The GCR Task Force will be presenting their findings and bringing their recommendations to the floor of the SBC. Your vote is necessary and counts! Please come and make your voice heard for the future of our convention and potential effectiveness in the Great Commission.
  3. Baptist21 will again be hosting an event at the 2010 SBC (and we are assuming 9 Marks and Founders will be as well). These events, like this year, will focus on beginning conversations and continuing discussions about the Great Commission, the SBC, the church, and our future. Baptist21 will host another panel at lunch on the Tuesday the convention meets. We are already discussing who will be invited to participate as panelist in 2010. We think these panelists will be quite compelling and will engage in an important discussion that you will not want to miss.
  4. The SBC Pastor’s Conference. My pastor, Dr. Kevin Ezell is the current president of the SBC Pastor’s Conference. He has a deep passion for training up future pastors and leaders. He is working very hard at getting the right preachers for next year’s Pastor’s Conference. These men will honor God’s Word and challenge us to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. I’m confident this conference will be a hit.
  5. Orlando baby! Beautiful, sunny Orlando! What a great place to take your family during the summer. Pack up the family and bring them on down. Stay a few extra days and enjoy Florida. Suspend other family vacations and pair them with the SBC. Make the convention a part of your vacation.

These are just a few thoughts on why the 2010 SBC should be a pivotal year for our convention. I encourage each of our readers to put the 2010 SBC on your calendar and begin making financial arrangements to attend. Many of us give sacrificially to the Lord through our churches. We need to make sure the money we are giving goes to those who need it the most. The 2010 meeting will, in part, be about stewardship of God’s money and making sure it’s going to pioneer missions, church planting, and training the next generation of pastors and leaders. Mark your calendars now for June 15-16, 2010.