Chandler to Join B21 Panel

Pastor Matt Chandler, of the Village Church, will join the B21 Panel to be held at this year’s 9Marks Conference @ SEBTS. The Panel will focus on the topic “Gospel-Centered Preaching in the Local Church.” Pastor Chandler is well-known in the evangelical world for his contributions to this topic (see video clip above). B21 is thankful to add him to this panel and we look forward to learning from him.

matt-chandler-2-150x150The B21 panel is being held in conjunction with the 9Marks conference on “Biblical Theology” held at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. This conference boasts a strong lineup of Danny Akin, Thabiti Anyabwile, Matt Chandler, Mark Dever, and David Platt. We would like for you to be signed up for this conference before signing up for the B21 lunch panel.

For more information about the 9marks conference on Biblical Theology to be held at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary click here – – To register for the 9marks conference click here

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Topic – Gospel-Centered Preaching in the Local Church



  • Danny Akin – President of SEBTS
  • Mark Dever – Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church
  • Thabiti Anyabwile – Pastor of FBC Grand Cayman
  • David Platt – Pastor of the Church at Brook Hills
  • Matt Chandler – Pastor of The Village Church

Location – SEBTS Multi-Purpose Room in the Ledford Student Center


Date and Time – Sept. 10, 12:15-1:30 (after the Sermon Review for Session 1)


Cost – There will be a $7 charge that will include a Chic-Fil-A Lunch


How do I sign upRegister Here


Questions to be Considered:

  • How do you actually do gospel-centered preaching? Much of this discussion in evangelicalism is focusing more on the why than the how…
  • Does a preacher have to preach the gospel every week? If you do need to preach the gospel every week how do you do this in a way that every text isn’t making the same point?
  • Where does practical application fit in to this method? How do we preach for real, lasting transformation in our people?
  • What are some objections to gospel-centered preaching? Some say this method does damage to the nature of Scripture because it seeks to find Jesus under every rock and bush in the OT. Opponents hold up their hands and ask, “Where are the brakes on this so we don’t slide into allegory?”
  • How might gospel-centered preaching look different in the North than in the South? City versus Suburbia or rural areas?
  • And more…