Ministry Resource Recommendation: The Leadership Opportunity

HOME-leadership-ad2The Leadership Opportunity: Living Out the Gospel Where Conflict and Leadership Intersect by Peacemaker Ministries is an exceptional resource for resolving conflict within the local church. Amidst the sea of leadership studies, this resource stands alone in seeking to equip leadership teams to lead well in these frequent but difficult moments where leadership and conflict intersect.

Conflict provides an opportunity for church leaders. Even in the healthiest churches, conflict and leadership are interwoven threads – there’s no escaping those moments when tension surfaces in a leadership meeting, when you are leading your congregation through a difficult change, or even when you inadvertently create conflict yourself. Yet these are the moments when leadership really matters.

The Leadership Opportunity helps leaders live out the gospel by providing solidly biblical and highly practical help for the common conflicts that all leaders face.

Here is a breakdown of the lessons offered in The Leadership Opportunity:

4 Core Values (Recommended Viewing):

  • Lesson 1: Why Leaders Must be Peacemakers
  • Lesson 2-3: Recovering the Model of Biblical Shepherd Leadership
  • Lesson 4: Building a Culture of Peace in Your Church

8 Application Lessons (Optional Based on Interest):

  • Lesson 5: Building a Strong Leadership Team
  • Lesson 6-7: A Biblical Approach to Change Management
  • Lesson 8-10: Skill for Guiding Others Through Conflict
  • Lesson 11-12: Mutual Accountability (Risk Management, Redemptive Church Discipline, Church Membership, etc)

The most substantial characteristic in this resource is that the gospel is at the center of its purpose. The biblical teaching on resolving conflict lies in whether or not someone has believed and applied the gospel to their life in this area. The Leadership Opportunity focuses on the gospel as the single change-agent in conflict and helps the leader navigate through difficult conflicts.

If you want a biblical-based, gospel focused leadership tool for your ministry, then look no further than The Leadership Opportunity by Peacemaker Ministries. We hope you enjoy this resource.

From Peacemaker Ministries Website: “The mission of Peacemaker Ministries is to equip and assist Christians and their churches to respond to conflict biblically. In a more expanded version, our mission is to equip and assist Christians and their churches to respond to conflict biblically by developing and delivering outstanding, life-changing resources, training, and services to a multitude of receptive churches throughout the world. We prepare church leaders, adults, and children for peacemaking through educational resources, seminars, and training. We also provide conflict coaching, mediation, and arbitration services to resolve church and ministry disputes, lawsuits, family divisions, and business conflicts.”