Pivotal Night for the GCR

blue_globe_-_oceanTonight is pivotal in the march toward a Great Commission Resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention. After last year’s overwhelming vote to form a Great Commission Resurgence Task Force, the time has come to hear about the progress of this task force.

Ronnie Floyd, Chairman of the GCRTF Committee is asking for all to pray for this evening as he presents the progress report to the Executive Committee of the SBC. He says, “I do not know of any time in our process where we need prayer any more than for our presentation on Monday night in Nashville, Tennessee. Please encourage others to join us as Prayer Partners at www.pray4gcr.com. Again, we need prayer support.

Some Info from the Pray4GCR Site:

On Monday night, I will be giving a Progress Report to the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, as well as to the representative leadership gathered from around the Southern Baptist Convention. We realize that many of you have an interest in hearing the Progress Report. Therefore, if you will visit our website at www.pray4gcr.com on Monday night at approximately 9:30 p.m. CST, we will have the report on video for you. I am going into the studio sometime before Monday so I can share with all Southern Baptists what God has put on our hearts. Once I sit down from making this presentation on Monday night, the video will be online at www.pray4gcr.com. Please share with others that they can view it online.

Again Ronnie Floyd ends his blog with an appeal for prayer:

Finally, more important than anything, let’s pray for God to move mightily on Monday night in Nashville. Gather people to pray for this important night. I humbly appeal to you, please pray for me.