Some Recent Resources: SEBTS 20/20 and Advance the Church

podcastBaptist21 would like to make our readers aware of some great resources. First, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary recently hosted its 20/20 Conference: A City Within a City: Church, Culture & Counter-Culture. The speakers at this conference included Danny Akin, Matt Chandler, J.D. Greear, Clayton King, and David Platt.

Below are the videos from the 20/20 conference

Matt Chandler – What is the Gospel (Colossians 1)

Danny Akin – What is Our Response to Gospel (Romans 12:1-2)

David Platt – What Does a Gospel-Centered Community of Faith Look Like

J.D. Greear – How Do We Make a Defense of the Gospel

Clayton King – How Do We Engage Modern-Culture with the Gospel

In addition, Advance the Church hosted a regional event: Leading the Mission. The Speakers for this event included: Matt Boswell, J.D. Greear, Tyler Jones, and David Platt.

Below is the audio from this event

–       Leading the Church in Worship by Matt Boswell: Audio

–       Living the Mission by Tyler Jones: Audio

–       Keeping the Gospel at the Heart of the Mission by J.D. Greear: Audio

–       Architecting the Mission by David Platt: Audio