“Church deemed ‘too Calvinistic’ has a passion to cooperate to reach the lost of the world”

It is the desire of B21 that the SBC will be characterized by cooperation around a theological confession (BFM2000) for the expansion of the Gospel among all nations.


Recently, we ran an article about a church that had been denied membership in a local association because they were deemed “too Calvinistic.” We want to point out that the brothers that lead this church are not using the “Calvinist” label for themselves, instead this is how they are being labeled based on their statement of faith. We bring this up because the International Mission Board just ran an article on this Southern Baptist church (Pleasant Valley Community Church) and how they have been broken over the lost of the nations.


It is our belief that our Confession and Convention are big enough for Reformed and non-Reformed to lock arms and march to the Lost together. We are grateful for all SBC churches with robust theological convictions and a heart for the nations to bow to King Jesus. It would be our hope that more reformed and non-reformed leaders alike would stand up for this church and call out this association for the sake of gospel cooperation.


Check out this article and how this church is partnering with IMB to engage the nations with the Gospel…