One8 Bootcamp, Aug 8-9

The Gap. It seems to be ever-widening between the church and the culture, the past and the future, the old and the new. By what means can we hope to see regeneration, renewal, and reconciliation? Join us for this two day event as we examine the role that the church plays in Bridging the Gap and prepare church leaders to engage a fragmented culture with a unifying Gospel. The ONE8 Bootcamp is aimed at Pastors, Planters, Missions Directors, and Ministry Leaders. The first 50 registrants will be entered into a drawing to win an iPad2. Register today at .

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  1. Hans and Jeff,I’m totally exicetd about your event. I seriously can’t wait. I’ve made an amazing income because of your business training through Dani, I went from making zero dollars to a 6 figure income annually. Now I want to break well beyond 200K. One thing I’ve learned is your integrity is awesome and I’m extremely confident I will get way more than my ticket price.You guys are the real deal and it’s going to be a great time hanging out with the real deal for 2 full days. I have no idea what the specifics are that will impact me but I’m extremely confident my income will increase. Thanks and I’ll see you there!Thanks,Stacy O’Quinn

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