One8 Network in north Mississippi

As a north Mississippi native, I’ve long been burdened about the need for healthy, Christ-centered churches in my home town of Corinth, and the surrounding region.  Indeed, there is a “church on every corner,” but though USA Today named MS the most religious state in the Union, it also boasts the highest teen pregnancies, highest illiteracy rate, greatest obesity, and is the poorest state in the US.  AND…most Southern Baptists per capita.

Thankfully, however, God is at work in Mississippi as evidenced by the One8 Network.

Based out of  Senatobia, MS “ONE8 is a cooperating network of churches in partnership with the MS Baptist Convention, focused on developing pastors and multiplying congregations. It is our firm conviction that we must embrace the call to plant churches in order to fulfill the Great Commission, and no one else is given that stewardship more than the local church. We seek to do this through shared financial resources, intentional relationships, accessible church-planting churches, and an approved system of planter assessment, training, and coaching.”

Learn more about One8 and how to get involved at their website,  If you are serving in a church or thinking of church planting in MS, we encourage you to connect with One8.


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