Porterbrook with PlantNC

In the past Baptist21 has let our readers know about a church-planting network in NC called PlantNC. It is their mission to be a network of churches, pastors, leaders and planters whose mission is to make disciples through the planting of gospel centered churches. So, in order to carry out that mission PlantNC has an exciting opportunity coming up that Baptist21 would like our readers to know about: Porterbrook NC Training

  • The Porterbrook NC Training will begin January 29th, 2011. Porterbrook is a theological training program designed by Steve Timmis and Tim Chester to equip pastors, church planters, church staff, ministry leaders, future leaders and missional thinkers for ministry and mission in the 21st century. The program runs for two years, with a Foundation Year and an Advanced Year, and covers areas such as biblical theology, pastoral care, evangelism, apologetics, contextualization and missional living.

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Tim Keller The Porterbrook Network is an innovative resource that offers affordable, high quality training for mission and ministry in the 21st century. I warmly recommend it.”

Alan HirschPorterbrook? Do it!”