Reminder: B21 Panel at ATC Regional

Reminder: B21 will host a panel discussion at the Advance the Church Regional being held in Hattiesburg, Mississippi at Temple Baptist Church. The panel is entitled, “Relevant: Should We Do That in Church?” The panelists will include David Platt, Russell Moore, J.D. Greear, Tony Merida, Jim Shaddix, and Tyler Jones. The panel will be held from 5-6pm on Monday February 28th. Below you will see some potential questions for the panelists.

In order to be a part of the panel discussion, you must be registered to attend the Conference itself (Feb. 28 – March 1). The title of the Advance the Church Regional conference is “The Supremacy of Christ in the Local Church.” During this conference the men will teach through Colossians. The speakers include David Platt, Russell Moore, J.D. Greear, Tony Merida, Jim Shaddix, Tyler Jones, Fred Luter, Charles Quarrles, and Eric Mason.

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Cost for Conference: $20 for students/$40 for everyone elseRegister Here

Potential Questions for B21 Panel:

  • Do we have to sacrifice being relevant to be faithful or vice versa?
  • Do I have to go to “church” to be a Christian?
  • Is it true that we are the church?
    • How should we go about determining what we do in corporate worship? For instance, should we congregationally sing “secular” songs?
  • What’s the deal with spontaneous baptisms?
  • What should our main focus be in corporate worship?
  • Is corporate worship for believers or non-believers? Should every sermon be evangelistic?
  • Should churches exercise corporate church discipline and should a church go about instituting that?
  • Topical vs. Book series?
  • Technological pros and cons?
  • Is small group necessary or just attendance of corporate worship?
  • How much should a church “cater” to their members and how much should they intentionally avoid this to send their people out?
  • When should you bring about change in a church when they are doing something they shouldn’t be doing in church?