Retirement Done Right—Southern Baptist Disaster Releif

The New York Times link below highlights the retirement life of Marteen and Wiley Blankenship who are literally waist-deep in Southern Baptist disaster relief efforts.  Following the tragic tornadoes that swept through the South, especially Alabama and Mississippi, Marteen and Wiley “grabbed their sleeping bags and sturdy shoes and headed out…”


This is what retirement should be about.  Marteen and Wiley are stellar examples of what it means to no longer “punch a clock,” but still serve Jesus with faithfulness and fervor!

Praise God for the hard work of Marteen and Wiley and thousands of other Southern Baptist relief workers.  May our convention continue to serve God’s world in such a way that when we proclaim the Gospel message, our lives have already set a stage of love and grace.

Read the NYT article here on SBC Disaster Relief Efforts