Rob Bell Controversy

Some have asked for resources on what is going on with Rob Bell’s new book, “Love Wins.” Here are the resources that we have found to be most helpful. In addition, today at 2:30pm The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary will be live-streaming a discussion of the book with Albert Mohler, Russell Moore, Denny Burk, and Justin Taylor

Resources on Rob Bell’s New Book:


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  1. I know I am repeating what many others have said already, but honestly Rob Bell has just laid out his cards and reveled exactly what he believes. Are Rob Bell’s members and followers listening? The question now will be whether or not his member’s leave because they now don’t need persoanl faith in Jesus because it’s a done deal and the power of the blood (that Rob Bell deems unimportant and unnecessary) has saved the entire world, even if they don’t know it or care. Am I wrong here?

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  2. Thanks for the resources. The MSNBC interview is especially frustrating because Bell has such a hard time actually answering the questions. When confronted with his own words he still doesn’t know how to articulate what he believes.

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