SBC 2011?

As we close in on this year’s Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix, AZ, I wanted to explore some of the reasons a pastor should give of his time to take part:


  • Be a part of the process – The SBC only truly exists two days a year. It is not a denomination, it is a collective of free churches choosing to partner together for mission. These two days set the direction of the convention. Dr. Mohler reminded us last year, that if you are not in the room when we vote, then someone else is and they are the ones determining where the money is going. If you want to have a voice in the process and the direction of the convention, you need to be in the room to vote, even if it is not an enjoyable environment for you. B21 would like to appeal to our readers to be there and to make sure that the motions and resolutions we pass are gospel focused, local church driven, and set us up to be a part in the Mission of God. Please come and let your voice be heard (or your hand be seen) so that motions/resolutions are passed that fit your desires for this collective of churches.


  • Fellowship with brothers and sisters – One of the most enjoyable aspects of the SBC in my mind is the fellowship with other brothers and sisters. These convention meetings inevitably lead to new friendships and the renewing of older friendships. It is a wonderful thought that there are pastors of like-minded churches all over the country, many that we have never even heard of, seeking to lead healthy churches in the Mission of God and it is a great joy to meet and hear from these pastors.  Over the years many events have formed around the SBC that provide avenues for networking and fellowship (some will be addressed below) with like-minded brothers in the SBC.


  • The Preaching The preaching at this year’s convention is sure to encourage and challenge us in our work. The convention itself will feature messages from Bryant Wright and David Platt. Platt delivered two passionate messages in the previous years, I am sure you will not want to miss his convention message this year. [youtube][/youtube]In addition, this year’s Pastors Conference (ASPIRE) boasts a diverse and dynamic lineup. Speakers for this event include John Piper, Darrin Patrick, Johnny Hunt, Rick Warren, Louie Giglio, and many more. In addition, there are two outstanding goals that the PC is trying to accomplish (raising $100,000 for an unreached people group on the Arabian Peninsula so they can receive the gospel in their native language and humanitarian relief and mobilizing 1,000 churches to get involved in Church Planting in the next year). ASPIRE 2011 from Hope Baptist Church, Las Vegas on Vimeo.For more video updates from Vance click here


  • The events surrounding the convention:
    • B21 Panel – We hope our panel is a compelling reason to come to the SBC. Our lunch panel will feature John Piper, David Platt, Albert Mohler, Danny Akin, and Kevin Ezell discussing the SBC and Mission. It will be held during Tuesday lunch break in PCC West Building (rm 301). For More Information and Registration.
    • 9Marks @ 9 – The annual 9Marks @9 will take place again on Monday and Tuesday Nights at 9pm in PCC North Building (rm 120) The topic will be revitalizing and strengthening Southern Baptist Churches. Monday will feature Mark Dever and Dr. Paige Patterson. Tuesday will feature Mark Dever, Danny Akin, Albert Mohler, and David Platt.
    • Minster’s Wives Luncheon – Pastor’s wives will have a luncheon available as well during the Tuesday Lunch break. Kim Hill will lead in music and Lisa Harper will be the speaker.  For More Info and Registration
    • Seminary Alumni Luncheons – Every year the 6 seminaries hold alumni lunches during the Wednesday lunch break and this provides a great place for networking and renewing old friendships.
    • Check out the many more events at this year’s convention


We hope to see you there…