SBC2011 B21 Panel Bio: Danny Akin

Dr. Danny Akin is husband to Charolotte, father to Nathan, Jonathan, Paul, and Tim, “Grandaddy” to six grandchildren, a minister of the Gospel—and is the sixth president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Prior to returning to SEBTS as President, Dr. Akin served for eight years at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he served as Dean of the School of Theology and Senior Vice-President for Academic Administration.

In his 7 years as president at SEBTS, God has used Dr. Akin to inject a fresh vibrancy on Southeastern’s campus.  The Great Commission is not merely a mantra at Southeastern, but is embodied by faculty, staff, students, and foremost by Dr. Akin, himself.  He leads with rifle-shot precision, is approachable and accessible, loves his students with a pastor’s heart, and is wayward only in his inordinate love for Georgia football.

Baptist21 is deeply grateful for the leadership of Dr. Akin in our personal lives, at Southeastern, and in our Convention.  Please welcome Dr. Danny Akin to the B21 Panel at the SBC2011 in Phoenix.

For a wealth of resources, including his recent talk at the Advance the Church Conference (How the Gospel Impacts our Ecclesiology) check out his website:


About the B21 Panel SBC2011:

When: June 14th, during the SBC lunch break (roughly 12pm-1pm)

Where: Phoenix Convention Center (PCC), West Building in Room 301A

What: A lunch panel discussion on Mission, the SBC, and more…

Who: Danny Akin, Kevin Ezell, Albert Mohler, John Piper, and David Platt

Registration Details:

–       General Registration (April 26th – June 10th) – $15

Note: This $15 will include a lunch.  We understand that $15 may seem high, but it is an average price at convention centers.  We are not doing this to make money. In fact, we are attempting to raise money with sponsors to keep the cost at $15. Lunch in Phoenix downtown area will be costly, why not spend the time at a lunch listening to men like John Piper and David Platt talk about critical issues for the church. Thanks for considering this and we hope to see you there!!