SEBTS 20/20 Conference – Conversing with Culture

B21 would like to make our readers aware of an outstanding conference coming up at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. SEBTS will be hosting its annual 20/20 conference. This year’s topic is “Conversing with Culture: Theology that Plays in Coffee Shops, Classrooms, or Cathedrals.”

What the Website Says:

Believers are often confronted with hard questions: Why do you believe what you believe? Why does God allow suffering in the world? Is Christianity the only way to salvation? Why should I believe that God exists? What about homosexuality and abortion? Christianity gives answers, but sometimes those answers are at odds with the prevailing cultural mood. Can Christians love truth and at the same time strive to win those around them? How do those conversations go?

This conference uses theology, literature, philosophy, real-life conversations, and reason to explain how faith in the Christian God is a soundly rational belief, held by thoughtful people who can communicate their faith in a way that is persuasive and compassionate. As always, we will explore God’s witness and his gospel in the midst of a skeptical, morally confused culture.


When: Feb. 4-5

Where: Binklely Chapel on the campus of SEBTS

Speakers (for more information about the speakers)

–       Daniel Akin

–       Albert Mohler

–       J. Budziszewski

–       Michael Green

–       Bruce Little


Breakout Sessions: Besides the main sessions covering “Conversing with Culture” there will be several break out sessions – check them out here


Music to be led by Matt Papa (if you are not aware of Matt’s ministry, you will want to check out his Song “Here Am I Send Me” and his explanation of it)

Cost: $35 general admission – REGISTER FOR THIS CONFERENCE