Dr. Ronnie Floyd on the GCR, His New Book, & Cooperative Program Giving

Recently, Baptist21 contributor Ronnie Parrott had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Ronnie Floyd and talk about the GCR a year later, his new book Our Last Great Hope: Awakening The Great Commission, and Cooperative Program giving. You will find it all in this video interview.

At the bottom of this page you will find the endorsements for Dr. Floyd’s book from many pastors and influencers across the world. You can pre-order Our Last Great Hope by visiting following this link to Amazon.com.


“One of the greatest discrepancies of our time is between the limitless, God-given resources at the Church’s disposal and the limited impact it is making on the world. Ronnie Floyd shows that it doesn’t have to be this way any longer. We don’t have to be a generation of wasted potential. We can turn the world the world upside down with the gospel. Our Last Great Hope shows us how.”

Steven Furtick – Lead Pastor, Elevation Church & Author, Sun Stand Still

“In Our Last Great Hope, Ronnie calls us to get honest with ourselves about how we are working to help those in desperate need for a Savior. He challenges us to engage the next generation to do the work that Jesus himself called us to do. A must read.”

Greg Surratt – Lead Pastor, Seacoast Church & Author, IR-REV-REND

“Ronnie Floyd’s book could revolutionize the way we think about the body of Christ and its purpose. Read it and be inspired, changed, and equipped for our most important mission while on this Earth.”

 Dr. Bruce Wilkinson – Best Selling Author, The Prayer of Jabez

“Ronnie’s book brings us back to center, crystallizes the pure message of Jesus Christ, and equips the church with how to begin doing these things today. Never before has the church so desperately needed the wisdom and direction offered in these pages. I’ll be pulling this book off my shelf again and again!”

Pete Wilson – Author, Plan B and Empty Promises

“Ronnie Floyd approaches missions-centered living with heart, passion, and inspired strategy. This book is an energizing wake-up call to today’s churches, equipping and inspiring us to pursue unreached millions around the world with the saving love of Christ.”

Dr. Ed Stetzer – Director, LifeWay Research

“My friend and co-laborer for the gospel, Ronnie Floyd, calls true believers and the church to return to the clear proclamation of the One who is our last great hope, Jesus Christ. His call is passionate—do it now. His message is purposeful—go make disciples. His book is practical—read it and learn. I commend it to you.”

Dr. James MacDonald – Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel

“Ronnie Floyd calls us to an urgent personalization of the Great Commission. Our Last Great Hope outlines a strategy and provides practical action points on how to penetrate the lostness of the nations. This book will fan the flames of awakening in your soul.”

Dr. Ted Traylor – Pastor, Olive Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL

“Revival presumes pre-existing life. But so many churches are populated by pretenders, assuming they have life when in fact they are spiritually dead. That’s why for many years now, I have been urging the true believers of America’s churches to pray for another great spiritual awakening. It is out of such awakenings that the course of nations has been radically altered, churches have experienced renewed surrender to the Lordship of Christ, and church members have been catapulted around the globe in answer to the missionary call. In this book, my friend Ronnie Floyd addresses the concept of awakening with his typical intensity and passion, leaving no question as to its necessity. I believe God will use this book to stir the Body of Christ to pray for what Floyd calls ‘our last great hope.’”

Dr. Tom Elliff – President of the International Mission Board

“Ronnie Floyd has done it again! Our Last Great Hope is one of the best, if not the best, training resource to help us move forward with Great Commission fulfillment in our lifetime. You will find the practical insights and powerful principles to be life changing and life saving. Get your copy today!”

Dr. Ben Lerner – Founder, Maximized Living & New York Times Best-selling Author, Orlando, Florida

“Giving our lives for His cause is His call in the Great Commission. Dr. Floyd passionately challenges and inspires us to embrace His heart for our neighbors and the nations. Read and assimilate this truth and go light your world.”

Dr. Johnny M. Hunt – Pastor, FBC Woodstock & Former President, Southern Baptist Convention

 “There’s no denying that Ronnie Floyd’s life has been changed because of a renewed passion and all-or-nothing commitment to the Great Commission. Pick up this book and you can’t help but be pulled in by his excitement. Ronnie challenges us to ask, do we really love Christ passionately, and if we do, are we willing to do whatever it takes to follow through on His Great Commission challenge? Ronnie challenges us to see that if we are to seriously embrace that charge it will mean dramatic change in our personal lives, our families, our churches and our finances. This book asks a lot—nothing less than a sold-out heart and life. But it’s just what Christians and the church need if we are to share with the world Our Last Great Hope.”

Dr. Kevin Ezell – President, North American Mission Board

 “Ronnie Floyd inspires me to trust our risen Lord to do extraordinary things through my most ordinary life and my most mediocre moments. The transparency found in Pastor Floyd’s words are both convicting and convincing. The time for change is now. Our Last Great Hope should be your first required read.”

Dr. Leonard Sweet – Best-selling author of Jesus Manifesto and the soon-to-be released I Am A Follower: The Way, Truth and Life of Following Jesus.

“Never has the hour been more urgent for people to respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ. I know no pastor with a greater burden for the lostness of our world than Ronnie Floyd. His book is a great challenge and inspiration for us all.”

Dr. Bryant Wright – Senior Pastor, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Marietta, GA & President, Southern Baptist Convention

“Frequently a long pastorate grows stale. Not so with Dr. Ronnie Floyd, who has led his church to do precisely what he writes about here, namely, to undertake the task of getting the gospel to the whole world in every conceivable way. This is not a book of theory. This is a book of about what has happened in Northwest Arkansas. Its message will encourage every pastor!”

Dr. Paige Patterson – Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas

“We have heard about, preached about, talked about and taught about the Great Commission . . . but how many of us are consumed by it and truly know the magnitude of what it entails?  I know of no one with a passion for Christ, His Word and His church like Ronnie Floyd.  He has beaten out every one of the principles in this book on the anvil of his own personal experience.  Read it and you too will be convinced it is . . . Our Last Great Hope!”

Dr. O. S. Hawkins – President and Chief Executive Officer, & GuideStone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention

“Ronnie Floyd is giving the church a book on the Great Commission that pastors and church members can read and personalize.  He also shares practical things a church, a family, and an individual can do daily and weekly that allow them to be a part of the Great Commission.”

Bob Roberts – Senior Pastor, NorthWood Church & Author, Real-Time Connections and Global Engager

 “Our Last Great Hope is an inspiring, engaging, visionary, and informative work from the pastoral and missional heart of Ronnie Floyd. I pray that this book will be used of God to strengthen Christ-followers and church leaders for the lofty and demanding call that has been given to the churches in this global and challenging context of the twenty-first century.”

Dr. David S. Dockery – President, Union University

 “We have an emergency due to a lack of urgency.  With souls in the balance and millions who have yet to hear the gospel, Our Last Great Hope calls every believer to the forefront of fulfilling the Great Commission.  Dr. Ronnie Floyd passionately calls upon every Christian to get to the front lines of sharing the message of Jesus to a lost and dying world.”

Dudley Rutherford – Pastor of Shepherd of the Hills Church, Porter Ranch, CA

“In Our Last Great Hope, pastor Ronnie Floyd challenges those who follow King Jesus to personally own the Great Commission, to come to a place where we find it inconceivable to leave the work to others. Every church should be a Great Commission church. Every Christian should be a Great Commission Christian. This book will help its readers see how.”

Dr. Daniel L. Akin – President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“The Christian’s Mount Everest is the fulfillment of the Great Commission.  No previous generation has ever placed the cross of Christ on the roof of the world.  Dr. Ronnie Floyd’s remarkable book, Our Last Great Hope, causes us to get real about the enormous size of this global mountain and creates Christ-centered hope of scaling it in our lifetime!  Once you have read this profound resource, you will view your remaining moments and years as currency either spent on endless trash or invested into eternal treasure.  Read it now and reap forever!”

Dr. James O. Davis – Cofounder, Billion Soul Network, Orlando, Florida

“Ronnie Floyd does not spin theories or weave conjectures; he challenges, convicts, and calls the church to a deeper commitment to reach the world for Jesus Christ. What Ronnie Floyd writes, he not only believes . . . he lives out.”

Dr. Mac Brunson – Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL

“Ronnie Floyd is a straight shooter with the ability to both encourage and challenge.  That’s what you will find in these pages—the encouragement that the Lord is at work through us and the challenge that we need to say yes to everything He calls us to do.  Read this book to sharpen your heart and move toward becoming the Great Commission believer Christ desires!”

Gregg Matte – Pastor, Houston’s First Baptist Church & Author, Finding God’s Will

“Our Last Great Hope is a sterling reminder that the Great Commission has not been rescinded. Ronnie Floyd has given the body of Christ a treatise on why we must put the “Go” back into the Gospel. As I read this book, I once again became keenly aware that evangelism is not an optional plan of the local church; it is an essential priority.”

Dr. Stan Toler – General Supt Church of the Nazarene, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma & Bestselling Author

 “Pastors everywhere are looking for more time and energy to fulfill the will of God for their lives. Our Last Great Hope, written by Ronnie Floyd, helps us to peel away the nonessentials in our lives and to double our efforts to finish Christ’s goal for the earth. This remarkable resource is the ticket to a faith-filled journey of Christ-centered living for Great Commission fulfillment!”

Dr. Timothy Hill – First Assistant, Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee

“I have devoted my whole life to networking in the body of Christ for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Ronnie Floyd, in Our Last Great Hope, helps us to get on the same page, with straight-forward steps to becoming a part of something bigger than ourselves—namely the fulfillment of the Great Commission. This is a turnaround book, where ordinary people are equipped enough to turn their lives around before it is too late. Your life will be enriched forever!”

Dr. John Ed Mathison – President, John Ed Mathison Leadership Institute & Pastor Emeritus, Fraizer Memorial United Methodist, Montgomery, Alabama

“This is a marvelous read! My good friend Ronnie Floyd has touched God and through his words he touches us so that as we read we in turn can touch others.”

Dr. Elmer Towns – Co-founder, Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia

“I am thrilled to recommend Our Last Great Hope to pastors and their local churches, along with Christian leaders worldwide. This single powerful resource will teach you how to bring eternity home to your family and your church. You will find your heart renewed and revived for the things that matter most and less interested in the non-essentials of the Christ-centered life. Read it today!”

Rev. Casey Treat – Christian Faith Center, Seattle, Washington

“Our Last Great Hope is more than a book; it is the personal guide to helping to fulfill the Great Commission and being prepared to give account of our lives before the Lord in eternity. When you have read the words of Ronnie Floyd, you will find you have more time to do what really matters in this life and less time to waste for the temporary things that are passing. This volume reminds us that the Great Commission is not an option to be chosen or ignored by the believer but is a Divine commandment that affects eternity. Read it and reap from it!”

Dr. Douglas LeRoy – General Director, Church of God World Missions, Cleveland, Tennessee

“Every Christian needs a Christ-centered compass, and every Church needs to equipped to reach its maximum potential. Our Last Great Hope by Ronnie Floyd will compel you to higher levels of personal spiritual development, while at the same time outlining a biblically based path to truly helping the entire world to know the Gospel before it is eternally too late.”

Rev. Paul Louis Cole – President, Christian Men’s Network Worldwide, Fort Worth, Texas

“I believe both young and seasoned Christians should make Our Last Great Hope an annual read, just to stay with the Kingdom-minded agenda of doing all we can to fulfill the Great Commission as fast as possible. Ronnie Floyd writes from his personal experiences and demonstrates the changes necessary to stay on course. Be sure to get a copy for yourself and for your friends!”

Dr. Prince Guneratnam – General Superintendent-Emeritus, Assemblies of God of Malaysia & Senior Pastor, Calvary Church, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Finally there is a powerful life-giving book to equip Christians from all walks of life. Our Last Great Hope, written by Ronnie Floyd, is destined to become one of the greatest books for pastors in particular and Christians everywhere. If you lost a sense of divine destiny or truly want to invest the rest of your life, this powerful resource will impact you now, tomorrow, and forever.”

Dr. Ademola Ishola – General Secretary, Nigerian Baptist Convention, Lagos, Nigeria

“God is raising pastors and planters worldwide. Our Last Great Hope is a priceless resource that pastors and their respective churches must have throughout the earth. I am thrilled there is a cutting-edge resource that communicates to all ages of society through both biblical and practical means for physical and spiritual victory. Ronnie Floyd is to be commended for bringing this Kingdom-minded book to the Body of Christ worldwide.”

Rev. Suliasi Kurulo – Founding Pastor, World Harvest Centre, Suva, Fiji

“Ronnie Floyd will expand your personal and professional vision in Our Last Great Hope. He champions a global mandate to work together to finish the Great Commission in our lifetime. If you wish to move the insignificant to the magnificent, then read Our Last Great Hope today!”

Rev. Eddy Leo – Founder, Abba Love Ministries, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Ronnie Floyd has brought to the global Church Our Last Great Hope in time when we need to be reminded that our role is to fulfill Christ’s goal. This eternal goal is wrapped up in Great Commission. Pastor Floyd carefully unpacks his personal journey and shows us how we can truly help to make it harder for a person to live on this planet and not hear the glorious Gospel of Christ. This valuable resource is destined to raise the leadership level in the Church worldwide.”

Dr. David Mohan – General Superintendent, Assemblies of God, Madras, India

“Ronnie Floyd will stretch your thinking like never before in Our Last Great Hope. I cannot stress the importance enough of you reading and applying the godly teachings found within its pages. You will be motivated, for the rest of your life, to keep the main thing the main thing until everyone has heard the eternal gospel of Christ.”

Rev. Leon Fontaine – Founding Pastor, Springs Church, Winnipeg, Canada

“I determined years ago that I would do my best to train everyone possible in Great Commission principles for the multiplication of the global Church. In Our Last Great Hope, Ronnie Floyd challenges to move from competing with each other to completing together the Great Commission as soon as possible. It could become one of the quintessential books for this generation!”

Dr. David Sobrepena – Founding Pastor, Word of Hope, Manila, Philippines

“Our Last Great Hope will make you dissatisfied with living the rest of your life without taking the gospel to unreached people groups throughout the world. Our goal is to plant more than 200,000 more churches in East Africa in our lifetime, and I believe Our Last Great Hope will inspire and instruct our leaders to do so!”

Dr. Alex Mitala – New Birth Fellowship, Kampala, Uganda

“Very few leaders have the visionary ability to communicate in such terms to stretch us in new frontiers of personal leadership development. Ronnie Floyd, in Our Last Great Hope moves from the reached to the unreached regions of the globe. He sets the visionary standard for every local church and shows the path to truly helping to fulfill the Great Commission in every world region.”

Dr. Gustavo Crocker – Church of the Nazarene Eurasia Director, Switzerland

“Ronnie Floyd gets it. He’s captured the need and the opportunity before us. Taking the gospel to the world is not optional. It’s not an item in a buffet line that you can pass up. It’s part of God’s menu for His followers. As you feed your soul on these pages, you’ll find a balanced blend of Scripture, personal stories, and historical accounts. This book made me hungry to do more to reach my community and the world.”

Dr. Michael Catt – Senior Pastor, Sherwood Baptist Church, Albany, Georgia & Executive Producer,  Sherwood Pictures

“Heaven is for real, and with that thought, Ronnie Floyd calls every Christian to reach the lost in Our Last Great Hope. The Great Commission was not just a suggestion, but a command to every Christian to share the news of Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Fred Luter – Senior Pastor, Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA