5 Reasons We are Excited About the SBC in NOLA

Baptist21 is excited about what will take place at the annual SBC. It’s not too late to make plans to attend in New Orleans June 17-20th. There are several reasons we think you would be blessed to be a part of it!

1. The potentially historic election of Fred Luter as the first African-American president of the SBC.

The SBC has often been on the wrong side of the race issue, but we are making strides in this area (public apologies for past sins, rise in multi-ethnic participation, and a renewed commitment to urban church planting). The next big step for our convention could be the election of Pastor Luter as president of the SBC. Besides all of these issues, Pastor Luter is a powerful preacher and a dedicated leader who shepherded his church through the horrors of Hurricane Katrina. We can think of no leader better suited to walk the SBC through the storms of the next 2 years.

2. The Name-Change Proposal

Ok, so the Task Force didn’t propose an actual name change, but we will vote on an official descriptor “Great Commission Baptists” that churches can use. This descriptor could be very helpful since we are not a regional convention, but rather trying to reach our entire nation and all nations for Jesus.

There is much business that takes place at the SBC, and while it may not be the most fun thing you can envision, if you are a part of this process then you need to let your voice be heard!

3. Events

Every year there are events made available at the SBC meeting that are helpful resources for pastors.

  • Baptist21 Panel– The annual B21 Tuesday Lunch Panel will be on the topic, “The Conservative Resurgence, the Great Commission Resurgence, and the Future of the SBC.” This year marks the 45th anniversary of Patterson and Pressler’s meeting in Café DuMonde in NOLA that set the events in motion that ultimately led to a resurgence of orthodox theology in our entities. The B21 generation is indebted to these men, and many others, who have faithfully passed down the gospel to us. Come hear from key leaders and pastors about what these events mean for us and the future of the SBC. For more info or to register go here.
  • 9 Marks at 9– Each year 9Marks does two nights of helpful discussion with key SBC leaders on key topics at 9pm on June 18 & 19. For more info go here.
  • Send North America Luncheon– NAMB will host a luncheon on “Building Vision and Celebrating Missions in North America” Monday June 18th at noon. Register here.
  • Adoption & Orphan Care Panel & Breakfast– Listen to Russell Moore, Johnny Carr, Tony Merida, and David Platt talk about adoption, orphan care, and the local church Wednesday June 20th from 7-8AM. For more info go here.

4. Reports

Every year our entities give reports about all that God has accomplished: unreached peoples who have been engaged with the gospel for the first time, urban areas where churches have been planted, young people trained to take the gospel to the corners of the globe, and much more. It is an opportunity to celebrate all that God has done and allowed us to participate in, and it is an opportunity to appropriately glorify His Name!

5. Fellowship

The annual SBC is good for your soul as a minister of the gospel. Yes, we meant to say that! The opportunity to meet brothers in Christ and deepen on-going relationships with brothers in Christ who are ministering all over the world is an evidence of God’s grace to you. Take advantage of the opportunity.

These, and many more reasons, are why we are excited and want to appeal to you to make plans NOW to attend the SBC Annual Meeting in New Orleans this June!

For information on becoming a messenger, hotels, and much more go here.

See you in New Orleans,

Baptist 21