Dr. Jimmy Scroggins on the Conservative Resurgence (Part 3) – Unity in the SBC

In part 3, Dr. Scroggins outlines some of the greatest threats to the unity of the SBC and charts a path forward. He invites you to the B21 panel where these issues will be discussed in detail. You can register for this discussion here.


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  1. Tommy,

    Is perfect unity impossible w/ a group of sinners, even redeemed sinners? Yes. But, is there a unity that God can bring about in the SBC? Absolutely!

    With the gospel, the indwelling Holy Spirit, and the powerful/authoritative Scriptures that can transform lives God can bring about unity in the SBC.

    That’s why the CR was so important b/c aberrant theology that denies the truthfulness and sufficiency of the Bible will never unite God’s people; it will only destroy them.

    Now, we can be unified in our common theology and in our mission. There will always be things to work out and to strive for, but great unity is possible.

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