What’s Your Question About the CR, GCR, or the Future of the SBC?

The topic for the B21 panel this year is “The Conservative Resurgence, the Great Commission Resurgence, and the Future of the SBC.”Here are some of the things we will be discussing at the panel in New Orleans:

  • Why was the Conservative Resurgence necessary in the SBC?
  • What changes occurred as a result of the CR?
  • What impact did it have on our current mission strategies?
  • What should this generation learn from the Conservative Resurgence?
  • Are we fighting the “Battle for the Bible” in this generation? Where are the current threats?
  • What criteria should be used to determine which “hills to die on”?
  • Are there areas in our local churches or in our convention where we are inconsistent with our recovery of the inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture? Has the CR impacted the following:
    • Preaching ministries?
    • Counseling ministries?
    • Methodologies?
    • Letting go of traditions that are not directly linked to the Scriptures?
    • Is the Great Commission Resurgence an outflow of the Conservative Resurgence?
      • How is the GCR going?
      • What are the greatest hindrances to it?
      • What are the next steps to take?
      • Adrian Rogers warned that the Southern Baptists are not on the battlefield fighting evil, but rather in the barracks fighting each other. How can we talk honestly about some of our differences, while at the same time locking arms in cooperation for the sake of the lost?
        • “New Calvinism” vs. “Traditional Southern Baptists”? Let’s talk about the “Elephant in the Room!”
        • Contemporary vs. Traditional styles?
        • Conversion theology and “Asking Jesus into your heart”?

We will discuss these issues and more at the B21 panel in New Orleans on June 19th. To register for the panel go here.

Also, we would like to know what questions you have on this topic. You can submit them below, and perhaps they will be asked during the panel.