Books at the B21 Panel!

Stack-of-Books-682x1024If you love books as much as I do, and if you’re going to be in Houston for the SBC, then don’t miss the Baptist21 Panel. Register here, and you won’t just get lunch and learn from key leaders about the pressing issues in the SBC, but you will also get 9 BOOKS!!!

Everyone will receive 9 of the following books:

  • David Platt Follow Me
  • JD Greear Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart
  • Eric Mason Manhood Restored
  • Thom Rainer I Am a Church Member
  • John Piper Brothers, We are Not Professionals
  • Matt Carter & Colt McCoy The Real Win
  • Trevin Wax Clear Winter Nights
  • Stuart Sheehan Worship from the Ground Up
  • Jeff Crawford Image of God
  • Nik Ripkin The Insanity of God
  • HCSB Bible

That is a $140 value for the price of lunch and a panel! Don’t miss out! Register now!