Helpful Resources For Teaching Proverbs

Written by Jon Akin

My doctoral dissertation is on Proverbs, and I am currently preaching through the book. I often get asked about the best resources for Proverbs. There are many helpful resources for Proverbs, so here I try to list some that have been most helpful to me.


  • Tremper Longman – This is the best commentary for preaching proverbs because it combines scholarly, theological and pastoral insights in a relatively concise 1 volume. Also, it has a topical appendix at the back that breaks down some of the main subjects in Proverbs. This appendix provides a summary of that particular subject in the book as well as a list of verses that touch on it. This is very helpful for thematic preaching of Proverbs.
  • Graeme Goldsworthy – This commentary is difficult to get your hands on, and if you want a thorough treatment of every verse in Proverbs, then this is not the commentary for you. But, if you are looking for a commentary that gives you tools for a Christ-centered approach to Proverbs, then this is the best commentary for you.
  • Steinmann in Concordia – This work is large and expensive, but it also attempts to address Proverbs in a Christ-centered manner.



  • Peter Leithart Wise Words – The message of Proverbs presented as children’s fairy-tale like stories. A GREAT resource for parents.