Next Generation of the CP

With younger generations of Southern Baptists the Cooperative Program has become somewhat lost in translation. We may have heard of it, but aren’t sure what it means. A lot of us aren’t sure what is is or does and certainly aren’t as keen as past generations on giving money to it. For almost 100 years the CP has effectively been the means tens of thousands of SBC churches used to join together to plant churches, send missionaries, train pastors, and more.

Below is a short video from the CP. It’s funny and worthwhile. You’ve got 2:24 you can spare. Go for it.    

Pastor/church leader, take the time to inform yourself on the CP. You can visit the website to read more about it here.

While it’s not the golden ticket and there are certainly things to talk about, it’s necessary to inform the upcoming generation of pastors and church leaders of the existence, function, and worth of the Cooperative Program for the joint advancement of the Gospel and the glory of God.